Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smash: Unrealistic Actions

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Two things about this series... First, is it just me or does this show take a LOT of commercial breaks? Why are the scenes so short? Second, do we really need to spend so much time hitting home the fact that Karen is a n00b and Ivy is a b!tch? I don't see Ivy's situation improving much, though perhaps Karen's will get better, as per the scenes-from-the-next. Now, about this episode... I think that it was pretty unrealistic. Sure, someone selling artwork on-the-sly could happen. Someone could make up reasons to get her way. But a newbie making three friends right away who hang out with her the entire day? I don't buy it. Two people in different places leave what they're doing on a FRIDAY NIGHT to come and perform on-demand at a party? Nope. This is, of course, in addition to the fact that I don't believe Ellis would be invited to the party or that Dev would be so swamped with work. It may be Broadway, but it needs to be a scoche realistic.

Smash "The Cost of Art" (S01E04): Rehearsals begin, and Ivy is shocked that Karen is part of the cast. [I honestly have no idea how strange this situation would be, but it doesn't shock me.] When Ivy confronts Tom about Karen, he says that Julia wanted to cast her. [ummm...] Shortly afterward, Ivy asks Tom to move Karen from being next to her in a certain number, so they move her to the back row... only for Ivy to act up again and have Karen and Bobby removed from the song completely. [Ivy just makes me want to permanently roll my eyes!] Ivy continues to complain that everyone is too loud when she sings, and Karen is removed from another piece. [...are you serious?? Also,I love how much life Karen's hair has!] Between all of this and learning that Ivy and Derek are together, Karen is pissed. [well, yeah!] Luckily, although some of the ensemble has shut her out, there are a few people who are nice to her. They go shopping together, invite her to take dance classes with them, and "have an intervention" about her clothing and attitude toward theatre. [that's a heck of a first-day-together!] They demonstrate being "one" and then have her practice. Karen's storyline closes at a bar with her new theatre friends, singing and dancing on the stage as Dev watches. [Dev is getting stranger... I foresee a storyline coming where they break up or something and she can't afford to live without him...] 

Eileen only has access to $8,000, as the rest of her assets are frozen. [anyone have an idea of how they figure out how much to not-freeze in a situation like this?] She skips rehearsal, so Julia fills her in. Eileen's distracted, however, and asks Julia (who apparently studied art history in college) how much a Degas sketch might go for... she has an original in her office. [!!!] Eileen talks to an art buyer, and while the sketch could fetch $400,000 at auction, it's not in her name - Jerry bought it as a wedding gift for her. [oh goodness... what a FABULOUS gift!] Eileen is bummed about the issue with the bill of sale, so Julia invites her to the party for Lyle.

Oh yes, Lyle. He's a young musical theatre star for whom Derek is throwing a party. Tom is skipping out because he has a date (and because Derek didn't want to invite him...). Ivy and Ellis are there, though. [Ellis? really? why would Derek have invited him?] Eileen talks to Lyle and gets him to buy the painting for $175,000 plus a few "points" of stock in the show. But, Lyle wants to see if it's any good, so Eileen
(Photo by: Patrick Harbron/NBC)
demands Julia get Tom and Michael to the party to perform. [and they both come ASAP... odd, if you ask me.] The performance is explained to the crowd as "a birthday gift for Lyle," and even Julia and Ellis sing and dance with the group. [I can understand Julia... but why Ellis?? Also, I'm not a fan of this song. I think it's my least favorite so far, actually.] Ivy goes with Lyle to a tour the apartment after the performance. [I'm not gonna jump to conclusions and call her a $lut... but it might happen sooner or later...] She then confronts Derek about his hands-on flirting with others, only to relent and move to an upstairs bedroom with him. [I've always thought it would be gross to make out (or more) at someone else's house... is it really just me?]
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