Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Together Again

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Were you worried that Alan might actually have to move out of the Malibu beach house? While it certainly looked that way and he had to leave for a few days, he managed to find his way back home, without even begging to! With Zoey back in the country, Walden and Zoey try a week of living together with Ava, which wears out Walden pretty quickly. Having been banished from the beach house, Alan tries a week with Lyndsey, only to find himself constantly getting injured and always doing chores. Both prefer their previous arrangement and agree that they must find a way to make it work again. The concept I saw coming, the details notsomuch. I'm unclear why we had to force Alan through so much misery, how Jake got away with the drugs without a lecture, and how Berta thought she'd con Walden out of a sports car, but the show is still kickin'...

Two and a Half Men "Mr. Hose Says 'Yes'" (S09E21): After telling Alan that he'll need to find a place to live for a week while he has a trial run with Zoey and Ava, Walden tells Berta about the change in occupants. [as he should.] When she hears that Ava is 7, Berta declares that she'll be taking the week off. Walden doesn't think it'll be a big deal to watch a kid, but Berta reminds him that Jake was that age once. She asks for a Camaro and a retirement plan, but he threatens to find another housekeeper, so they give up bargaining. Things are going well until Walden has to watch Ava on his own for an hour... after she plays with her dolls and then needs him to have a tea party, have a dance party, act like a horsey, do sock puppets, play hide-and-seek, bake, play SuperGirl, and fingerpaint, he's absolutely tuckered out. [if Zoey was really only gone for an hour, Walden didn't play these things correctly, LoL.] So, when he learns that putting her to bed requires reading a story, checking under the bed for monsters, and getting her some water, he's beginning to lose patience. [eh. it happens.] The deal is sealed, however, when Ava wakes up early the next day and wants Eggs Benedict for breakfast, only to change her mind several times when he doesn't make meals "right." [haha, kids!]

With Eldridge and Jake at with their other parents for the week, Lyndsey has Alan stay with her. While he hopes that he'll be getting lucky all week, she makes him complete chores that she's been putting off, though he soon electrocutes himself in the process. [a penny in the fusebox? really??] Jake (only around to find some stashed weed) accidentally whacks Alan in the face with a door, breaking his nose. [so cliche, too!] Alan injures himself further when Lyndsey unzips his pants and catches his genitalia. [ahhhh!] And, when Lyndsey smells something dead and suspects a opossum under the house, Alan scurries under there, only to have an opossum scratch him badly. [I don't care how much time or money you want to save... this is ridiculous!]

Walden and Alan meet at the bar and agree to go back to their previous living arrangement. [but Walden and Zoey both kinda agreed that, if this doesn't work out, they're through... will that be the case?]
Photo: Michael Ansell/Warner Bros.
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