Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: The Attraction of/in Cleveland

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm hit-or-miss when it comes to gimmicky episodes. I thought the opening minutes with the three younger ladies unable to full move their faces was a great gimmick. The rest of the episode, however, fell a bit short. I love a go-to favor-friend as much as the next gal, but the girls fighting for their hook-up to stay in-tact was a bit off. I was also excited about the possibility of Kristin Chenoweth recurring as Courtney, but now that the doctor doesn't want to do vanity work anymore, I imagine the ladies will drop their friendship with Courtney. And that whole "save the tree" storyline didn't click with me... possibly because it's been done on a bunch of shows (and a few books) before. I hope this show picks up the pace with the comedy... it's been kinda peaks-and-valley lately, don't you think?

Hot in Cleveland "The Gateway Friend" (S03E20): Joy, Victoria, and Melanie arrive home from a botox trip in LA, so they have frozen faces. [I laughed probably as hard as as when I did when Frasier had botox done.] The girls have a friend they trade favors with to get them into the best botox guy in the country, so when the woman severs her ties with the doctor, she comes to Cleveland to cry on the girls' shoulders. [she must have friends within the state of California, no?] They take turns trying to reunite Courtney with the doctor, but when they take her to their local bar, the woman experiences the same shock of attention that Melanie, Victoria, and Joy did when they moved to Cleveland. [yep! that was a mistake!] Courtney no longer wants to leave Cleveland, and the girls see past their botox hook-up to a bigger potential problem: what if Courtney spreads the word and Cleveland will no longer be their little secret? [I thought this was funny.] So, the ladies fly out the doctor and act like Elka is Victoria, and his work failed. [no way that'll work!] That lasts about five minutes, and then they just confront the doctor, who claims that he isn't ready to settle down (despite the fact that he's 65, he feels he looked 38 and can pass for 21). [I know that this show is full of the stereotype that all people from LA lie about their age, but this is ridiculous!] But, after falling out of a tree (as part of Elka-wants-to-save-a-tree, a teeny plotline happening in the background), he realizes that he just wants Courtney, so he proposes. ["we're from Hollywood, where originality is frowned upon." haha! the rest of the cliche lines were dumb, though.] He decides to move to Cleveland, but he doesn't want to practice so many vanity treatments anymore, so it doesn't help the girls much in the end. [figures.]
Courtney with Victoria
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