Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Friday: Beverly Hills, 90210 in GIFs

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Today, we're going to highlight a little something FABULOUS that popped across my Facebook newsfeed this week.

I don't know how the current trend of using GIFs came back into play... I mean, back in 1998, I was just as excited about them as the next person. But, by the time 2002 rolled around, they were pretty much dead. Now, for whatever reason, they're popping up all over again - I even follow someone on Twitter who tweets out GIFs to brighten your day on a semi-regular basis. Well, someone from Australia is all about creating GIFs, and will be using them to go through the episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210!
Longtime readers know that we're a big fan of the series, and I loved the commentary that Petra put into looking at the camerawork from the pilot of the iconic show. I had never really thought about how much time the show actually spends looking at the signs of the times (though I've commented about the long lead-ins here and there). While I really enjoyed the pilot (don't forget, I'm a sucker for exposition!), this GIF guide offers a more direct look at what it contained - not all that much, in some respects. And, while never a big fan of Scott, I'm kinda surprised that he apparently isn't even given a name in the premiere episode!

Anyway, go take a look, have a good time laughing and reminiscing, and hopefully we'll see new installments over there on Wednesdays!
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1 comment:

PetStarr said...

Thanks for the love! Episode 2 should be up on Wednesday. :)