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Pregnant in Heels: Twins, Vaccines, Clothes...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, I'm rather upset with this show at the moment. I wasn't a giant fan of any of the past few episodes, as I had issues with each couple. Moreover, I sat and watched all three in a row, and, apparently, ended up timing-out on Blogger... so when I didn't finish editing this post until later, I wound up losing almost half of it. Yeah. Sucks. But, as I already mentioned I didn't like the couples being featured, I'm not about to watch that garbage for a second time. So, my apologies, but there are bits missing, particularly with the second and third episodes covered below. Life goes on... even though you click "save" apparently doesn't mean it saves... there's a hidden "time-out" feature... just be aware. ::grumble, grumble, grumble::

Pregnant in Heels "The Trouble with Twins" (S02E04): LT learns about c-section underwear. Rosie asks her son if he thinks that she talks funny, and he nods. [odd.]

Client #1: Corrie & Philip are in their late thirties and are expecting fraternal girls any day. She's Jewish (complete with a mother ready to move-in to help), he's German, and they're not prepared at all. She hasn't read much about twins at all. [that would terrify me... maybe that's why she hasn't prepared?] Rosie is worried that the parents aren't panicked. They have a few dressers in the nursery, but no cribs or anything. [no.cribs. and they're due eep!] The plan is that Philip will buy everything while Corrie is recovering in the hospital. [what kind of plan is that??] Rosie takes them and Corrie's mom, Lucie, to Twiniversity, and a bunch of real twins are brought in. Lucie takes over quite often, which frustrates Rosie and doesn't give Corrie a chance to work on her skills. [325 as the bath temperature?? ayayay. one load per baby per day? really?] Rosie then brings in a nursery expert/interior designer. Lucie thinks that Philip is boring, as he likes eggshell as a wall color and doesn't want any shapes on the walls. Rosie brings Corrie some toddler twins to spend the day with, and she and Lucie must change, dress, and feed the children, plus do some laundry. Rosie talks to Lucie about Corrie and Philip needing her, even though there's some worries about her being overbearing. The new nursery works out great for the family. Later, babies Charlotte and Noa are benefiting from Lucie's help, and Corrie is finding everything manageable. There's no leaving for Lucie in sight, though. [ha!]

Client #2
: Nia (36 weeks pregnant) and Chris live in Brooklyn. Nia, a veteran model, wants a toxin-free environment, as she describes herself as "green," "Bohemian chic," and "crunchy granola." [oh boy. you guys already know that I'm sick of her...] Chris has been talking to her about vaccines, but Nia doesn't believe in them- she wants to do natural stuff and believes in natural immunities keeping a child safe. [simultaneous eye roll, guys!] Rosie introduces a "green team" to test their environment and talk about green, holistic parenting. Nia gets brought down fast as she's told about all of the junk in her home, like her makeup, cleaning products, and microwave usage. Rosie and Nia visit some young kids of her other clients, and Rosie talks about germs and shows them on the kids' hands. She then asks Nia if she'd be okay with her newborn daughter being around someone with polio, and she says yes - Nia believes that her child could fight off that stuff. [what makes her kid so special?] Nia talks about vaccines being antiquated and protocol at this point, so Rosie sets them up with one of Manhattan's top pediatricians, and Nia is ready to fight. Nia explains that breastmilk establishes immunities, but the doctor explains that antibodies aren't made on your own. The doctor explains that there ARE outbreaks of pertussis and polio again, and that worldwide travel spreads these things now more than ever. [Nia's belted outfit was SO ugly!] Chris tries to be the voice of reason, and the pediatrician tells a true story of procrastinating on a certain vaccine, which left her son with a 50/50 chance of living at one point. In the end, baby Isa has all non-toxic toys and will be vaccinated. [I wonder if they would have included Nia's story if she had chosen not to vaccinate...]

No Mummy IQ. 

Pregnant in Heels "Rosie's Relationship Retreat" (S02E05): Rosie isn't the greatest cook, but she thinks she can make anything. [why this scene is even included, I'm not sure.]

Client #1: Susan & Marcel are in their early thirties and she's feeling frumpy, so she's been avoiding sex. She doesn't feel attractive or sexy and he is missing the affection. She has 11 weeks to go and isn't even game to try some different sexual positions. 

Client #2: Jennifer and Curtis want an over-the-top baby shower in Bergen County, NJ... the most expensive zip code in the US. [wow, higher than 90210? ;) but, problematically, we see very little of the shower itself and NONE of the planning - both of which I thought would have been interesting.] She loves fashion. They met in May, married in December, and are snippy with one another. She knows that she's loud and demanding, and admits that she did move out for a little while. They have two months to go and she's had an easy pregnancy. She wants a c-section but didn't know you can't have sex for six weeks afterward, and neither is sure they can last that long. 

Well, Rosie brings both couples to the Dominican Republic and has them do couples' prenatal yoga to get things started. Marcel can't keep his hands off Susan, which only makes her shut down even more. So, Rosie sends the boys to play golf while she goes with the ladies to do some shopping (at the Oscar de la Renta boutique) and get prenatal massages. Marcel and Susan then have a dance lesson to teach them more about movement and touching, while Jennifer has to have a meal with a sash over her mouth, so she is forced to listen to Curtis for a change. Everyone learns some stuff and has a great time.
Photo: Bravo

No Mummy IQ.

Pregnant in Heels "Dressing the Diva" (S02E06): 

Client #1: Patrice is an uber-busy expectant mother who can't find anything she likes in any stores - she has a bad impression associated with anything labeled "maternity." She doesn't do prints or embellishments, and although she only has about six weeks remaining in her pregnancy, she wants Rosie to design several outfits for her - casual, dressy, and red-carpet-worthy. Rosie does her best, and a few of her designs actually pass the test, particularly a specially-designed pair of leather pants, Patrice's trademark look.

Client #2: Busy husband Alex calls Rosie for help with his wife, Elizabeth. She's pregnant with #3 and is a stay-at-home mother. Well, Elizabeth has gotten to the point where she wears boring sweatpants all the time, doesn't shower regularly, and sometimes goes a week without leaving the house. Rosie comes in, sees that Elizabeth has great clothing that she never wears, and convinces her to take the time to do things for herself. Rosie's assistant helps Alex find a babysitter, which will allow Elizabeth to take in some adult conversation and activity from time to time, plus give the couple a chance to take dance lessons, among other things.

Mummy IQ: stuff about baby's stool and two others I can't remember anymore.
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