Thursday, June 21, 2012


by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Let's start with the new opener... I hate it. The song isn't bad, per se, but the sequence on the screen was not fit to go along with this show. I was pleased to see that Eden didn't have a very large role in this episode, but I presume that will change. It was nice to have fairly equal amounts of screentime for the guys, but that will undoubtedly change. I'm curious as to why they'd lead off the second season by having Stuart, Haskell, and Phil realize that Holly isn't all that great for them... seems to me like that would be better a couple of episodes in... but maybe they've got some better things in store for us that I can't even dream of quite yet. This episode had its merits, don't get me wrong, but it didn't scream "hilarious" the way the first season could.

The Exes "Analyze Them" (S02E01): Stuart goes to Holly to complain about Phil's loudness in the bedroom and Haskell's constant inventions, and she suggests that the three of them attend couples' therapy. [we could have called it something else, but let's just move on...] Phil isn't keen on the idea, and Haskell thinks that families should blame one another for destroying their lives. [haha, love where this is going!] Holly more or less threatens them into giving it a try, and Phil immediately hits on the therapist. [while I realize that they have to keep that character going, I kinda hope that it dulls down just a bit.]
Stuart takes the therapist's advice to heart, and the guys are making progress... right up until Holly barges in and wants to know what was said in therapy. [that scene seemed a bit forced... we know that the woman is controlling already...] Hesitantly, they mention that Holly may be the problem. Well, that only sends her to the therapist's office to look for notes, but she has to hide in the closet when the group enters the room for another session. [here we go! classic comedic situation!] The therapist says that Holly manipulates the guys into believing that they need her... and her phone rings, so she's found. [eh. coulda done something different, if you ask me.] Holly then tries avoiding the guys, but she tells Eden that her weekend basically revolves around the guys... taking Stuart shopping, hauling Haskell around to look at art, and imposing on Phil's date. [yeah... that is a pretty poor record when you look at it.] Back at the apartment, Phil is getting jiggy with the therapist, who has to hide in a closet when Haskell and Stuart (and then Holly) arrive. [same scenario, ready?] Holly is apologizing for overstepping boundaries when Dr. Carol is discovered, via cell phone ring. [okay, let's all make a mental note: when hiding, the first thing you should do is silence your phone.] She begs them not to tell the state board, and Holly pushes her out. [OF COURSE she already has a warning. but cute ending with Haskell declaring that they're family. :)]

Haskell's get-rich-quick scheme: selling an electrocuting doorknob as a child safety device.
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