Thursday, July 26, 2012

Melissa & Joey: Lies, Lies, Lies

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What was that purple and black top Mel was wearing in the first scene?? Blech. Aside from that fashion disaster, there was very little of note this episode. We have Mel dating the father of Lennox's ex-boyfriend, but only until it becomes non-taboo. How many times have we seen this, both on television and in real life? Something is only fun until there's no danger of getting caught. I'm reminded of the legacy of the Westcott Fountain at Florida State University, my alma mater. It's traditional to be thrown in on your birthday, though it's against the law. Years ago, the University repealed the rule because so many students were doing it. Well, people stopped doing it until punishment was imminent once more, and it was still the rage when I did it in 2004. Sadly, I'm even more disappointed in the Joe-Ryder storyline, as that one has ALSO been beaten to death already. So much so that I named four other sitcoms that do something similar just off the top of my head! I'm going to need Melissa & Joey to do better.

Melissa & Joey "Pretty Big Liars" (S02E10): Lennox and Haskell were supposed to meet up for yogurt but she caught him making out with another girl, so Lennox demands that nobody she know talk to anyone in Haskell's family. [you know, like all upset high schoolers do.] This is an immediate problem for Mel, who runs into Haskell's father at the coffeeshop. Mel tries being honest with Lennox about dating the man, and when Lennox flips she intends to cancel the date... until he kisses her and they decide to continue seeing one another clandestinely. [of course. because immaturity trumps.] Stephanie learns about it first, then Joe, who is tasked with keeping Lennox from finding out when she comes home while the couple is upstairs. [eh, while it was funny, I feel like it could have been hilarious.] Lennox hears a rumor that they're together and confronts Mel, who tries to talk her way out of it, almost succeeding. Of course, after that, the relationship fizzles as the duo have nothing to talk about. [booooorrrring!]
Throughout the same week, Ryder has been having a stock skyrocket. Well, he thinks so, anyway, because Joe said he'd invest Ryder's $1,000, but he doesn't because he thinks the company will tank. So, because the price tripled and then doubled, Joe has to face the music and turn to poker (and a leather jacket) to try and get Ryder the money. [always a good example, that Joe... of course, it was better than Mel's "can you call and tell them you meant to buy it?" thing. The exact same thing happened on Cheers when Sam didn't bet on a game Woody wanted to risk his life savings on and Diane suggested he call the bookie and say he meant to bet.] Anyway, just before Joe goes "all in" on a big hand, Ryder calls to tell him that the company was based on lies and is now defunct. [figures.] That's not the last lie of the day, though, as Joe claims that there's a rule in place where first-time investors can get their money back in situations like this. [come ON! Ryder! stop being so gullible!]

And, we can't forget the end scene with Lennox pretending to be Mel at a lunch with a 106-year-old constituent, who sees right through the ploy.
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