Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pregnant in Heels: Milk Donation; Rosie Prepares

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, this show is off again for a while. Perhaps forever, as no renewal has been granted as far as I'm aware. I thought that the branching-out to California was an interesting move, though now that Rosie has three children under five years old, I wonder just how much she'll be overseeing of that location... Of course, Daron is a great help. I was surprised that we didn't see LT featured all that much in the second half of this season - he was so great throughout season 1! Looking just at this episode, however, I was a bit underwhelmed. While it was nice to get some closure on Rosie's speech therapy, it was odd to see her as a client dealing with issues... I just can't believe that Rosie would get that close to her due date and not have DIAPERS in the home! Speaking of which, I guess she doesn't cloth-diaper, otherwise there would probably be some newborn sizes still around the home. Anyway, let's go through the episode:

Pregnant in Heels "A Labor of Love: Rosie Gives Birth" (S02E10) [season finale]: Rosie is nearly due and when the baby is already measuring about eight pounds, it's time to talk induction. [eep!] She's not ready to have another newborn in the home, but she only has five more days. She's SO "not ready," in fact, that Daron asks Alison to treat Rosie like a client - there are some big issues, like not having newborn diapers or new clothes, and she hasn't even moved her youngest son out of the nursery yet! [don't kids take time to adjust to changing rooms?] It soon comes out that Rosie is scared to have a daughter because her own relationship with her mother is bad. [interesting. My relationship with my mother also sucks, but I would be more afraid of having a daughter because of all the potential body-image issues she will face.] Daron suggests she get some therapy, and she agrees to do a one-hour session. There, we find out that she can't remember a time when her mom made her feel wonderful. Then, Rosie is thrown a baby shower, complete with some of her old clients. [Rosie doesn't like surprises?] The game is that she has to guess who each gift is from, and they're allegedly indicative of the time they spent together. [odd game. from which you receive a very random assortment of presents.]
Alison takes Rosie to a ballet studio so she can spend some time with cute little girls. [she looked VERY overwhelmed at the beginning, there! and I'd probably be freaked out if that many little hands were rubbing me...] She also goes to a stage to work with her speech therapist on her projection. The morning of the induction, Rosie struggles with whether to call her mother and tell her "today's the day" or not. [I *believe* she decided not to.] Rosie has an epidural, and little Vivienne Madison is adorable! [I love how she kept sticking out her tongue.] Two months later, the family is talking about baby #4!! [whoa. just how young is Rosie??]

Client: Emanuelly came from Brazil six years ago and has a little girl already. Her husband is away a lot, but her main concern is actually breastfeeding. She didn't make enough milk last time (she has implants but is told that's not the issue) and her family shamed her for not continuing nursing after a month. Her backup is actually wanting a wet nurse (someone who breastfeeds for you). [why is Rosie so shocked that a client wants a wet nurse? this can't be the first time, however controversial it is.] Rosie brings a breastfeeding expert to meet with Emanuelly, then shares that wet nurses aren't legal in NY. However, there is a community milk-sharing program where you can have screened milk delivered to you. For whatever reason, Rosie and an expert bring over various types (from mothers following vegetarian, organic, spicy, gluten-free, protein-and-vegetables, etc. diets) and they sample them. After three weeks of struggling to breastfeed, Emanuelly resorted to the program and fed vegetarian milk to her son. [I think it's good that this show finally highlighted milk donation programs!]

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