Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teen Mom: Visitors Need to Leave

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The weirdest thing in this episode has got to be Sophia's grandmother asking her to pray and the little girl just saying, "no." Another thing I found weird but might not be is the preschool situation. I was always under the impression that you couldn't just "show up when you want," that there was structure and that absences would confuse kids over what they missed. Until I saw the movie One Fine Day, I never heard of "drop-in" type childcare, where paperwork is apparently minimal and you just dump you kid there to get him back later. I understand that Bentley could still benefit from going once a week, but at that point I wonder how much of a difference it would actually make. In other areas, Amber is still hopelessly annoying, and Tyler and Catelynn are forced to evict Butch... not a whole lot going on, folks.

Teen Mom "Temper Tantrums" (S04E06): Farrah doesn't seem to be in school yet, though it's definitely Fall for Maci. It's been almost two months since amber arrives at her rehab center, and it's still summer for Catelynn and Tyler.

Farrah: Her sister, Ashley, visits Farrah in Florida, though their mother arrives a few days afterward. [a two-year-old doesn't need her own bathroom.] Ashley and Farrah get a blue wig for their mother to wear, but she doesn't see the fun in dressing up. While the sisters are out, Sophia gets nail polish on the dog and her clothes, and Grandma blames Farrah for leaving it accessible. [though the fact that Grandma fell asleep is also to blame.] The family goes out to lunch but winds up in a big fight. [I had forgotten that Farrah's sister was older than her.]
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Maci: She has started classes and Kyle has been watching Bentley. She wants him to adjust more to socializing with others and learning things, so she goes to look at preschools. [not a bad plan, Miss Maci.] Bentley is afraid to even have snack away from Maci and Kyle, who are off hearing about the rates ($140-$150/week, 6:30am-6:30pm). [poor kid.] They don't plan to have him there full-time, but Ryan being on-board with the idea would certainly help the transition. Maci is worried about Ryan being a jerk about it, and when they actually talk, Ryan immediately dismisses the idea, but eventually says he'll think about it. [um, let's time-out to draw attention to the fact that Dalis doesn't wear her seatbelt!] Ryan talks to his mom about preschool for Bentley and she thinks he doesn't need to go until he's four (he's not even three yet), but Ryan isn't sold at all. They also are concerned that Ryan will lose a day a week with Bentley if he's in preschool Tuesday and Thursday. [that is actually a valid point.] Maci plans to take Bentley once a week anyway. [hmmm.... how's this going to play out...?] 

Amber: She's homesick and depressed since Gary and Leah left. His mom thinks that Amber needs more help that she could get there anyway. [probably true. well, definitely true when you keep up with her in real life.] Amber gets into a bad argument in a group session so she calls Gary and says she wants to come home. [you know, because running away from her problems is her trademark.] Gary tells her to talk to her therapist... she's been there 46 days but wants to leave before the 60 mark. She's told not to leave hastily, and that verbal assaults aren't going to work out well for her. She has hypnotherapy and uncovers that she has pain from her dad. [oh, goody. more issues to work through. that should keep her there a bit.] 

Catelynn: She and Tyler are both working at a clothing store but have different hours. Their trailer park required a background check on Butch and won't let him stay there anymore. [I guess I had missed the fact that they were in a trailer park?] Butch is ready to be homeless, but Tyler wants the situation to be a little safer than that. [can't blame Tyler for that!] After Butch leaves, Tyler goes to see his mom. [so... does Butch hitchhike?] The next day, Catelynn invites her mom over to talk about the no-contact order between her and Butch. A week later, Tyler eats with Butch. [such a Butch-centric season this has been for Catelynn and Tyler... let's hope something more exciting comes about!]
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