Friday, July 20, 2012

The Exes: Stuart & Holly Have Body Issues...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I can't really put my finger on any specifics, but this episode made me laugh quite a bit! I think that, as we continue to build up the various characters, the situations will become funnier because of what we already know. Stuart acting awkward at a strip club probably wouldn't have been as great if we weren't aware of his sheltered life. Eden enjoying some of the "benefits" of pregnancy and wishing she had done it sooner only became more hilarious when you consider her background of promiscuity. Similarly, to see Phil go after a client as fiercely as he would a date rounded out his character a little more - maybe he IS more than a womanizer yet! And the ever-romantically-troubled Holly wrestling with "being herself" rang truer because we've seen just how hopeless she can be. Of course, we're still not getting a heckuva lot about Haskell, but all in due time!

The Exes "Lethal Weapons" (S02E05): Phil asks Haskell and Stuart to come with him to a strip club so that he can try to land a mixed-martial-arts client. [Phil certainly handles a wide variety of sports!] Stuart is hesitant, but goes along. Well, maybe he should have stayed home because he gets kicked in the head and winds up with a possible concussion and some slight amnesia. Stuart has to stay awake for 24 hours to be on the safe side, so Haskell and Phil take turns sitting with him. This plan isn't foolproof, though, as Phil wants to try to get that client again, but Haskell isn't around (he's out helping Holly). So, Phil slaps a helmet on Stuart and brings him along. Phil pitches to Tommy, but Stuart comes over and interrupts, acting kinda "special needs." Well, that actually wins him the client, as he likes an agent with heart! [yeah... this is only going to work for how long? Doesn't Phil think that Tommy will ever ask about Stuart or run into him again sometime? Though I could really get onboard with a running gag of Stuart having to act a certain way around one of Phil's clients...]

Now, onward to the ladies... Eden has gotten her "pregnancy boobs," which both she and Holly adore. While shopping for her new size, Eden picked up a gravity-defying bra for Holly, so they head out to the bar. [you do know this spells trouble, right?]
Holly almost immediately gets hit on by an English professor, Edward. [exactly how much time has gone by between the last episode and this one? because Eden is now REALLY showing.] Holly is seeing the professor again and wants to wear a regular bra to make sure that he likes her for who she is, but Eden argues she needs to wean the guy. [haha] Holly second-guesses herself and needs Haskell to go find her bra, which she threw out the window. He manages to retrieve it, but the underwire has bent and makes her all lopsided. [she wouldn't have noticed that while putting it on??] Of course, Edward winds up witnessing the shenanigans and she has to come clean. Of course, that inspires him to be honest... he wears elevator shoes and a toupee! [think we'll see him again??]
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