Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Exes: Who's Your Baby Daddy?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, I finally decided to look up who sings the theme song... it's just so catchy and I love it. It's a young guy named Chrys Ryan. He has at least four other songs available (well, actually, he has an album out, but I found four I could hear for free), but I didn't like any of them. They're all much slower and too lovey-dovey for me. But, I like his voice, so if he changes styles or something, maybe I'll give him a try.

Anyway, this was a completely predictable episode, but I thought it was interesting that they decided to write it without a second storyline. The entire twenty-two minutes is actually used for Holly's plot, which was a big change from what we've seen thus far for the series. I don't know that it'll work on a regular basis, but I think that The Exes pulled it off without leaving us in a lurch about anyone else. That said, I don't like Holly being the center of the show... I'd like to see her play more of a B role to the guys. I understand that she brought them together and all, but the show isn't called "Holly and the Exes" !! All kidding aside, my very favorite part of the episode was the kid coming in whom Haskell hired to act as his nephew. "I just came by to let you know that I got into MIT! and I qualified for the Olympic Swim Team!" Perfect timing and hilarious.

The Exes "Three Men and a Maybe" (S02E07): After Eden takes a three-house lunch to go shopping, Holly starts thinking about her own biological clock. [yeah, well, anything can trigger that on television...] After a quick trip to the gyno, she informs the guys that she's planning to have a baby, as she's "droppin' eggs like a drunken Easter Bunny." [this made me laugh!] They're happy for her... so happy, in fact, that they all want to introduce her to potential sperm-donating candidates. [why did their minds go there immediately?] None work out, but we do learn that Stuart has an extremely successful colleague from dental school, Haskell knows an unpublished writer, and the nerd Phil used to cheat off of in high school is now super-buff computer geek. [if we hear from any of these people again, I'm betting it's Phil's soon-to-be-nemesis...] So, Holly turns to a book of anonymous sperm donors... only to realize that she wants a face to go alongside the case number. [makes sense to me!] After trying to flirt with a donor, Holly is forcibly removed from the building, ending this path to motherhood for her. [like whoa.] Now, realizing that maybe having a baby isn't in the cards for her, Holly begins to calm down... just as the guys take it up a notch, each thinking he would make the best candidate.

Phil pitches to her first, trying to play up the cuteness factor of their offspring. ["mocha swirl" made me giggle.] Stuart goes for the "with my seed, you also get the gardener" angle, offering to change diapers and wash nursing bras. [I think that borders on creepy, honestly. Holly is looking for the goods, not the maker...] Both guys ask her to keep their conversations private, but once she arrives home and finds Haskell on her couch in her kimono (though his reasoning rests upon his excellent family tree), the other guys barge in and everything is out in the open.
Holly claims she needs a night to think it over, and spends the next day receiving gifts at work (champagne from Haskell, baby booties from Stuart, and a black-and-white cookie from Phil), even asking Eden for help choosing. [the gift choices from Stuart and Phil make sense, but Haskell's was a bit odd, I thought.] When she still has no inclinations in any way, she lets down the guys one by one, saying that she just isn't ready to give up on love - she wants more than just a baby. [blah, blah, blah, back to the predictable.]
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