Thursday, August 2, 2012

Melissa & Joey: Co-Parenting

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The somewhat-obligatory learn-to-drive episode. They're not as common now as they were in the 90s, but they're still around. And, like they tended to be back then, there's a conflict between the "parent" and the "child," but we mostly see their opposing viewpoints on how the lessons are going. Given what we already know of Lennox's personality, however, I imagine that she's just really freaked about driving and Mel is probably somewhat calm. Not surprisingly, Joe steps in to give Lennox "secret" lessons, though, of course, they don't stay clandestine for long. I blame the fact that this show is more comedy than drama, as characters tend to keep their mouths shut more often on dramas. But, then I'm asking for this show to be something it's not, and that rarely works. On that note, I'm not really sure what the writers are trying to do with Ryder's character... sometimes I wonder if the creators regret giving Lennox a brother, because they only ever find very random stuff to do with him. Completing community service by cataloging shoes? That's what they have the boy doing this episode? I don't see how it really added to anything, except maybe to make Joe look awkward around Ryder's "interests." What a fail.

Melissa & Joey "A Pair of Sneakers" (S02E11): [Is that a new house or just a weird angle?] Lennox and Mel fight after a driving lesson.
[love that purple color but not the shape of Mel's blouse. same with the plum one later in the episode] Joe has them each recap the lesson, and, of course, the versions are drastically different. Joe offers to take over teaching Lennox instead, but Mel demands that he doesn't. [hear that? DEMANDS!] He does anyway, and tells Lennox to keep it a secret. [ha!] While practicing her reverse skills, Lennox hits a mailbox, but Joe takes the fall, even if it means admitting that Mel is a better driver. However, he continues with the secret lessons, and Lennox is starting to fall apart over keeping quiet. [I don't understand people who don't know how to lie. seriously.] When the owner of the mailbox comes to get a check for the correct amount, Mel finds out the truth, leading her to act like her car will cost an exorbitant amount to fix, putting Joe in a real bind. He keeps to the story, though, right up until Lennox blows his cover by confessing. Then, we learn just why Mel is so dead-set on being Lennox's driving instructor - she was taught to drive by her dad's chauffeur, so she wanted Lennox to have a loving family member give her that memory. [do you remember a lot about your driving lessons? I only have vague memories of learning to drive... I don't even remember when I actually got my license... I know I was 16 but it wasn't right away.] Mel gets pretty emotional, even telling Joe that he's really a "co-parent" to Lennox and Ryder... leading the two to realize that they need to be honest with one another here on out... though she almost immediately tries to hide something else. [It was nice that Mel and Joe said this, but I highly doubt it's going to become a regular thing...]

Looking at what Ryder is up to this episode, we first see him photographing Mel's shoes and putting the pictures on the outside of the boxes so they'd be better organized. [I'm always caught off-guard by people who keep all of their shoes in the boxes! though, with my current show closet, I could see that being helpful.] He's counting it as community service for school, as he specifically needs to help "the City of Toledo," and Mel has him believing that the city benefits from her dressing quicker on her way to meetings. [this is SUCH A STRETCH that I can hardly believe Mel would do that to Ryder! this is a school requirement!] To make matters worse, he needs twenty hours and the shoes only took ten, so Mel has him go through the rest of her closet to search for flaws in garments! Joe witnesses Ryder checking pantyhose for runs, and Mel ends up having to come clean about her ploy. [well, at least this probably won't be an ongoing gag... right? Also, Ryder seems taller in this episode..... anyone agree?]
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