Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Abby & Brittany: Summer's Over

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Again, I'm not sure why the Hensel twins have their own television show. I love that we get to experience a little bit of how life is for them, but at the same time, it really is SO "normal" that there's not much to fuss about. Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to the finale next week where we'll see the girls preparing for their first teaching job, but I'm not sure that there's all that much to film without exploiting the ladies' lives after that. As the girls have mentioned in multiple episodes, they can't help but to attract attention, and they don't like how simple stories get skewed too quickly into things that they're not, so I don't imagine that we'll be getting too much more of Abby and Brittany, even if the ratings are high. Disagree?

Abby & Brittany "Big Moves" (S01E07): Summer is winding down and the girls have a friend visiting from London, Ritchie. [having him constantly talk about how the girls are like anyone else yet amazing was kinda awkward. and the girls getting lost driving home from the airport was kinda odd... though completely believable. Still, the "does anyone have a GPS?" thing was peculiar... were they addressing the crew?] He attends their Labor Day party, which consists of hanging around and playing some backyard volleyball. [I found it really weird that four girls who live together have the same outfit, so them all wearing it on the same day baffles me! Though, my best friend and I did buy matching outfits to wear to a Hawaiian-themed party once.] The girls also go to a friend's family cabin on a lake where they have fun on the water, even trying wakeboarding.
Back at home, their mother helps them pack up their college house and move home for three weeks before they'll move to a new place. [kinda neat that their Life magazine cover is blown up and framed in their parents' house!] Abby and Brittany are still on the job market, and talk about how they'll turn to substitute teaching if they don't have anything by October.
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