Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teen Mom: Maci, Kyle, Ryan, and Gary

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

There's nothing left to say about Farrah and Catelynn after Part 1, so this installment looked at Maci and her life, as well as Gary's situation. We know that Amber couldn't appear for legal reasons, but normally they bring along Gary's mother or someone else from Amber's life so it was different for Dr. Drew to only speak with Gary. Of course, that also gave him a much shorter time slot than Maci's. I was a little sad to hear that Maci and Kyle are no longer together, but Ryan trying to keep Maci and Dalis apart was probably the stand-out shocker of the episode. I'm going to miss seeing those little kids, but I'm also glad that they'll be able to transition to a more typical childhood out of the limelight. Though, I suspect that Maci and Catelynn will continue to give talks to various groups about teenage pregnancy, so it's not like Bentley will never know that he's the product of a four-month relationship.

Teen Mom "Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 2" (Special):
Maci: Without a baby, she probably would have been better at college. [yeah, that's pretty much a given.] She's still speaking to high schoolers and college kids weekly. Kyle cheated on her (he says he didn't actually sleep with anyone else, but he was talking to women with whom he previously had relationships) and she moved out without allowing him to explain the situation. Bentley hasn't asked about Kyle at all and the poor boy is having attachment issues again. When Kyle comes onstage, we learn that his talking to old girlfriends has been an ongoing problem, and Maci had just had enough after living with him in the house for five months.

Maci also says that if she wasn't a teen mom, she'd still be with Ryan. [kiddo... let's get real. It's been four years... how many teenage relationships last that long?] Maci's grandfather recently passed away so Ryan has been extra nice to her. Dr. Drew asks Ryan about skipping out on Bentley's birthday, and he basically blames Maci, though Dr. Drew kinda feels like the blame belongs to both of them. [I don't understand why the whole thing was so last-minute anyway!] Maci talks about it being difficult to do everything separately all the time, but Ryan doesn't think they need to do anything (like trick-or-treating) together. Ryan says that he's not upset about Bentley going to preschool in general, he just doesn't want to lose time with his son. [I feel like that is the response he came up with after knowing the question was coming, LoL.] Dalis supports Ryan having 50/50 custody. Maci brings up a situation where Ryan turned to her when he and Dalis were fighting, and Dalis basically continues to accuse Maci of still trying to get with Ryan. [what's this Cruella DeVille look with dark hair underneath light hair?] Dr. Drew encourages the two girls to have coffee and be friends, an idea Ryan doesn't like. [haha!]
Amber Gary: Amber sent a statement about how she needs to be sober and change her life. [anyone surprised?] Gary says that Amber treated rehab as a resort and didn't do outpatient when she came back, and he's had Leah full-time for over a year now. [I can't seem to tell how happy he is with his life at this point... thoughts?]

We end with Dr. Drew asking the kids some questions and the girls all talking about how they support Amber. [none of the kids were very cooperative with the questions. at least Sophia took out her pacifier long enough to attempt speaking...]
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