Sunday, September 9, 2012

Teen Mom: The Beginning of the End

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This show is finally about over. Though I will miss the Maci and Bentley updates, I'm not really sad about MTV no longer following these four girls. I got sucked into 16 and Pregnant when it first debuted a little over three years ago, starting with Maci's debut episode, and although that starter series may continue (as might Teen Mom 2 and a new Teen Mom 3), I'm happy to have some closure on Teen Mom. [if you're interested, by the way, here's Amber's debut episode, Farrah's, and Catelynn's (which has no real substance, sorry.] I have nothing to say about Farrah's life choices at this point. I'm starting to wonder how MTV is trying to spin Amber... if you keep up with the news, you know how bad her life gets, so are they trying to foreshadow that it only gets worse? Or are they trying to make her look extra-bad? Or, heaven help us, are they actually censoring how awful the girl is?? The bulk of Catelynn's episodes don't revolve around parenting, and I think that ended up working against the show at some point a season ago or so. She was a great asset to the spin-off early on, but because her experiences as a teenage birth mother are so random now, we mainly follow other aspects of her life, and that doesn't really fit with what the show is about, in my opinion. The series will wrap up in another week, so if you had any desires to discuss the show, now's the time!

Teen Mom "Change of Plans" (S04E10):
Farrah: In Austin, she and Daniel have dinner, see the bats under the bridge, and see his family. [she's super-awkward around his stepmother!] She spends $43 on little red boots for Sophia, then $54 on a fake engagement ring. She tells him that she's ready for a serious commitment, but he gets awkward, and Farrah ends up leaving a dinner with his friends early, goes back to the hotel alone, and even heads to the airport on her own the next day. He tells his friend that Farrah is pushing too hard for a commitment. [well, she is!]

Amber: Her house was vandalized a couple of months ago, so Social Services won't allow Leah to spend the night. Because of this, Amber is trying to move and has to see houses on the day she's supposed to see Leah. She flips out at Gary, then complains on the phone to someone else about how her life has never been good. She really likes a house that she sees and gets the paperwork started. [does her friend have laryngitis? and odd to see Gary without facial hair again!]

Catelynn: Catelynn and Tyler go to the parent support group but realize they need social work degrees, not human services degrees and panic about college. [she finally got her braces off! and why take off an entire semester? you know they need the gen-ed stuff!] Tyler's mom is concerned and arranges for them to talk to a counselor about their futures. The kids plan to start again in January.

Maci: Maci skips class to have a yard sale. [what day is she having this yard sale??] Maci tweeted about how things would be better for Bentley if she and Ryan could have stayed together, but Dalis got pissed about it and Ryan thinks that she was trying to break them up. [I still am not clear on why she tweeted that...] Bentley's birthday is coming up, and it'll be on Ryan's day, so Maci decides to stay out of it. [good for her!]

Teen Mom "For the Best" (S04E11): It's October-November for Amber and late October for Maci.
Farrah: Farrah explains to her mother how the Daniel thing went down. On Sophia's last day in Florida, Farrah takes her to the playground, bringing along the dog, even though it's against the rules. [I hate when Farrah blatantly disobeys the rules!]

Amber: She complains about Gary's new place, demanding he get swings for Leah, despite the fact that there's a park down the street. [how can she demand anything he provide for her above the required?] Leah starts daycare on Monday, October 17th, and Amber claims that she can't afford the cost. Still, Amber picks her up after her first day, spends some time with her, then later drops her off at Gary's, where the little girl has a meltdown because Amber can't stay, as per the no-contact order. They have court November 15th, and Gary suggests that they put off Leah's birthday so they can celebrate together, AND that he can allow Amber to spend more time with Leah if she signs over permanent custody. Amber's mom tells her that she shouldn't allow Gary to have sole custody, because he'll keep Leah from her, though Amber claims that won't happen. [hahahaha! "you sound like a water buffalo."]

Catelynn: Tyler's mom is thinking about seeking counseling about Carly, whom she's starting to miss. Catelynn's mom kinda wants the same, so an adoption counselor meets with the four of them to talk about the situation.

Maci: Bentley is turning three and because Ryan has him for his real birthday, Maci and Kyle plan to celebrate a day early. Kyle thinks that they should try to have a joint event, and Maci thinks that she should allow Bentley to make that decision. [really, she should have kept it all separated.] Bentley invites Ryan's parents (who plan to attend), and leaves a voicemail for Ryan. When Ryan calls back, he tells Bentley that he will "see what he can do" but tells Maci he won't be there. [did he not want to be the one to disappoint his own son or what?] Because Ryan isn't coming, his parents skip the party, too. [poor Bentley.] When Ryan picks up Bentley afterward, Ryan tells Maci that she should have just told Bentley that they're having separate parties, and after he insults her, she walks away.
photo by MTV
Teen Mom "Wake Up" (S04E12): It's mid-November for Amber. 
Farrah: She takes an extra course in bartending, but she's really starting to miss Sophia. She's amused at what it's like not to have additional responsibilities. [I bet! I remember starting college and only having to worry about my own food and laundry, not that of the whole family!] It's been almost a month since Sophia's been gone, and Farrah has a classmate over to work on making a fortune cookie cannoli. She also works on a plan to be able to handle Sophia being there, so she looks into some preschool art classes. [when Farrah shortens her daughter's name, it sounds like she's saying "soap," LoL.] Farrah receives high As in her classes. She picks up Sophia in Nebraska and Farrah's mom immediately starts asking when they'll be back - it won't be Christmas, because Farrah doesn't want to fly back that much. [why were they moving around a carseat? Did Farrah rent a car for a two-day trip??]

Amber: She's started dating a guy from outpatient therapy. Leah turns three years old, and though they're having a joint party the next week, Gary goes ahead and celebrates on Leah's birthday. [I see nothing wrong with that, personally.] Gary says that Amber changed things when she started dating this new guy, but she claims that that has nothing to do with Leah's birthday. [she's just "Plain Old Amber" in his phone??] Amber calls Gary the day before their court date to ask if she can see Leah for a bit and Gary tells her no, because it's not a good day and she's a wh0re. [haha!] She screams at him that she'll fight for custody. [this crazy woman raises MY blood pressure!] Gary calls Amber the morning of the court date to explain the paperwork, apologizes for what he said the previous day, and says that Amber can have Leah the next day. [what kind of no-contact order allows them to hold hands?] Amber signs everything, despite her family's protests. The ruling won't go into effect for 30 days, so Amber celebrates Leah's birthday just the two of them by baking cupcakes.

Catelynn: They're starting classes in a couple of weeks. [ did they decide to go for fall after all or is it actually late December now??] They watch Catelynn's brother, Nick, for a few days so that April can have some time to herself. Tyler has issues with cursing in front of Nick, especially after the dog "goes" in the house. [this is why I don't do dogs!] Tyler's temper bothers Catelynn, but he's also realizing that it's getting worse. He decides to see a counselor, apologizes to the dogs, and tells the counselor that he's afraid his father will never love him. [sadly, that could be true.] Tyler writes his dad a letter, saying that he can't handle the junk Butch puts him through. Tyler and Catelynn question whether adoption was the right choice, but realize they did the right thing.

Maci: It's Bentley's birthday. [that kid is the CUTEST!] Maci is doing well in school. [well, "well" by her adviser's standards, apparently. An 80% ain't great if you ask me.] Ryan sees a lawyer about getting 50/50 custody and stopping Maci from being able to live with Kyle. ["if not more fit" ?? why would Ryan be a better parent than Maci??] Ryan asks Maci for Bentley's birth certificate, and she tells him it's at her mother's house, or he can get a copy from the health department. She's in denial that he'd get anywhere in a custody battle, but he's hoping to switch to each of them getting a week at a time with their son. Dalis and Ryan's parents talk to him about letting Maci live with Kyle - it's not a bad situation. Maci tells her mom about the situation and asks for Bentley's birth certificate to give to Ryan.

Teen Mom "Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 1" (Special): Farrah, Maci, and Catelynn are with Dr. Drew - Amber has personal and legal reasons for being absent. Sophia's birthday was a week ago, so it's likely late February or maybe early March 2012

Farrah: Sophia loves her new classes three days a week. Dr. Drew talks to her about Adam and Daniel and how they might have just wanted to date someone from television. Farrah liked that she put pressure on Daniel, as if commitment isn't there, she wants to know. [but still... can't you date for three months first?? geez!] Dr. Drew asks her why she calls her father by his first name, and she says that she has no respect for him, so Michael can't be called "dad" anymore. [I had forgotten that he was her real father... I guess at some point I assumed that he was her stepfather!] Farrah talks about how her parents fought her whole life. Farrah's mom, Debra, says that she thinks that she and Farrah are becoming closer. Dr. Drew asks Debra about Ashley's comments regarding how screwed up she and Farrah are, and Debra plays the ignorant card. [annoying woman!] Farrah explains that being out of town all the time and fighting with your husband when you're around sucks. Her mother says she hears lots of anger and no love and Farrah says that it's ridiculous and that Debra and Michael shouldn't be allowed to enjoy one another's company now. [I am tired of this woman!] Debra says that she'll always love Michael and they should be able to do whatever they want because they're adults. ["thank you for being my mom," "thank you for being a great Grandma" etc. are the "inches" Farrah gives Debra. all forced.]

Maci: Bentley is riding a bike, is potty-trained, and no longer uses a pacifier. That's really all that comes out there, so stay tuned for the next part!

Catelynn: she and Tyler are in college now. Dr. Drew asks her why she thinks that adoption rates are so low for teenagers, and Catelynn says that people aren't educated, so she gives some facts. [she's a walking encyclopedia of teenage parent facts, guys.] She and Tyler have set a wedding date, and Dr. Drew asks why they've decided to move it up before they finish school. [eyeroll at Catelynn's soul mates comments!] She has a dress already but they're still a year off. Dr. Drew asks what Catelynn would say to her younger teenage self and she talks about rebelling against her dad leaving the family and her mom not being sober. Tyler also wasn't a great kid as a young teenager, defying all sorts of authority figures. He'd tell himself to shut his mouth. [LoL!] Tyler never sent the "stop talking to me" letter that he wrote to Butch. [I was surprised he wrote it, so I guess this isn't too far off.] Catelynn now keeps her "Catelynn-Carly-Teresa" bracelet in a jewelry box so she doesn't lose it or break it again. Catelynn thanks her "fans" because they lifted her out of depression right after they placed Carly. April is brought out, says she's up to 173 days sober, and Dr. Drew asks if her if she thinks Catelynn accepts her apologies, which he doesn't think she does. (April agrees with him.) [I don't agree... but I also don't think it matters. Drew on the couch with his hand on April's shoulder was awkward!] Catelynn tells April that you're always supposed to choose your children first, and April apologizes for the millionth time. Dr. Drew asks Catelynn if she would let April around Carly, and Catelynn brings up that it's up to Brandon and Teresa. [Catelynn seems really relieved that she doesn't have to make that decision herself! and I can't blame her!]

Amber: She sends a statement about how she's missing because she has a probation violation.
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