Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teen Mom: Butch Arraigned, Maci Moved, Amber Freaks, Farrah Needs Help

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So... at this point, I kinda think that the only reason that this show features Catelynn and Tyler is because of a contractual agreement of some kind. I mean, seriously, what's the point in giving us ten minutes of fluff on them each episode and thirty seconds of something actually happening? At least two things happened to them this week - Tyler's dad got arraigned and Catelynn's mom started AA. Lots of things happened with Maci, and Farrah had some big issues on her plate as well. Amber? Well... the series has pretty much decided that they just need to focus on the fact that she's mentally unstable, so that's what they do. That's all that they do. If she isn't freaking out about one thing, she's complaining about another. No serious progress in any area, except she has realized that if she doesn't take her medication, she's crazy. And, if she doesn't take naps to combat the side effects of her medication, she can't function. Thank goodness we are THISCLOSE to finishing this series!

Teen Mom "By the Rules" (S04E09): It's probably late September or early October for Maci, October for Amber, August for Catelynn, and September for Farrah.

Maci: The offer that she and Kyle put in on a house was accepted, so they fix up the house and move in. [why do Maci and Kyle think Ryan might react badly? They need to move and they're already living together, so I don't see the big deal.] Bentley isn't happy about the change (especially the new bedroom), and when Dalis asks Bentley if he'd rather live with Ryan all the time, he says yes. [well, that's not really fair. why is Bentley's head shaved? why are they riding around with the new dog in the car? and whose was that third car at the new house?]

Farrah: She's struggling to do her homework because Sophia won't let her have time to herself. [why isn't that child-gate up? she's studying the different highball drinks, by the way.] Farrah decides to go to bed with Sophia and then just get up really early to work instead, but the next day she has Daniel come over to entertain Sophia while Farrah gets some work done. [I am curious as to what they cut when Farrah started to tell Sophia that she was "act(ing) like a little..."] Sophia takes a marker to the wall and Farrah gets pissed, deciding that it's the final straw and that she needs to have Debra take Sophia back to Iowa for a month or so. [while it made sense that she'd call her sister, I'm surprised that she didn't also call her therapist.] Fortunately, Debra is coming in just a few days to watch Sophia while Farrah goes to Texas with Daniel. [...they're taking a vacation in the middle of the quarter?] When Debra arrives, she almost immediately has to deal with Sophia - this time she "made waste" in her panties. Daniel meets the family for an Italian dinner, and after talking about what they'll be doing in Austin, he tries to field Debra's question about his ten-year plan. [not that I believe in introducing your parents to your significant other so early in the relationship, but I'd be pretty upset if my mom tried asking someone that only hours after meeting them.] Debra also tells Daniel that he needs to be Farrah's biggest cheerleader. [I found that to be really awkward...]
photo by MTV
Amber: Gary has now moved. Amber's counselor calls and encourages her to go to outpatient therapy, but she says she's not doing anything but sleeping, and Gary is stressing her out to much to get anything done. [needy one, that Amber...] Amber gets angry that Gary keeps leaving Leah with his mother and going out of town, but Gary doesn't feel like he needs to justify himself and his trips. [though even I am curious as to what he's doing out-of-state so often!] So, when Amber goes to Gary's mother's house to see Leah and nobody is there, she freaks out and has an anxiety attack. Later, when Gary's mom arrives at Amber's, she asks if they can start communicating better, which she's willing to do. [she claimed that she didn't answer her phone because she didn't know it was Amber... I blame Amber for that! If she got a new phone number and knew that Gary's mom was going to be caring for Leah, why wouldn't one of the first things she did to be making sure the woman had her new number??!?] 

Catelyn: Tyler goes with his mom and Catelynn's mom to Butch's arraignment while Catelynn works. Butch says that he plans to represent himself, the judge says that's a bad idea, Butch asks to be let out so he can access a law library for research, and he's told that his record won't allow something like that. Plain and simple. He'll be back the second week of November for a trial by jury. [yep... this is some serious stuff.] Catelynn, Tyler, and both of their mothers all think Butch is being an idiot. April starts AA and enjoys the sense of community she feels around others with the same problems.
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