Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Secret Life: Ben's Tirade, Amy's Sex Life, & More

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, I whole-heartedly disagree with Ben. His belief that high school is the best time of your life couldn't be further from the truth, in my opinion. College was exceedingly superior to high school for me. I will admit that high school was WAY better than graduate school, but none of those periods compare to my mid-to-late twenties, so I've also never understood people who talk about college being the most fun they'll ever have. Anyway, that wasn't a very large portion of the episode, so I'll get off of my soapbox and move on... Is this whole fear that you suck at sex a thing for girls in high school? I've heard people in their twenties worry about it, but for seventeen-year-olds to think that they might be genetically predisposed to suck at keeping a man happy troubles me. And, the way things spread like wildfire on this show, Dylan, Alice, and Ashley (should she appear) will all be worried about it next episode, with maybe some random guy like Tom joining in the camp. Go ahead, tell me that's not what is going to happen. [I know it might not, but it seems soooo likely, ya know?]

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Setting Things Straight" (S05E08): Well, let's start by getting to Amy's issues. Because Clementine left her sweater at their apartment, Amy is paranoid that something is going on between the girl and Ricky. So, when she hangs out with Grace and Adrian later on and the conversation turns from her past wedding and her upcoming wedding to the girls' unfaithful partners. [I didn't like how much detail Adrian wanted on Rick & Amy's "wedding," but I got so angry at her when she suggested that Ricky isn't faithful to Amy!] Grace mentions that Jack is better than Daniel and Grant, and Adrian talks about how great in bed Ben is, but Omar is worth noting, too. Amy is happy having only been with Ricky, but the entire conversation makes her uncomfortable so she leaves, bumping into her dad on her way out.
He sees that she's distressed so he invites her out to eat, canceling his plans with Kathleen to do so. [he was in Kathleen's driveway... why not go apologize in person??] Well, George gets to the bottom of Amy's problems: She's worried that she's genetically inferior, sexually. [hahahaha! these kids think EVERYTHING is in your DNA!] Grace worries the same thing, as Kathleen's been cheated on many times. [ridiculous! Is Adrian going to go talk to her parents about this, too??] Later, when Amy gets home, she tells Ricky that she's afraid that she'll wake up gay one day, and that's why she's "bad in bed." Ricky tells Amy that sex with her is different from his dozens of former partners - there's emotion and it's fun. [I don't know how I would take this, but it worked for Amy!] The next morning we learn that George told Ricky to play the jealousy card to boost Amy's confidence. [whaaaa? why would Ricky take a page from George's book??]

Now, let's move on to Ben... at school, he apologizes to Dylan, and she talks about how seriously Henry likes her. [would've been nice to see Henry this episode...] Dylan says that she wants to pursue Henry if she can't be with Ben. [because she's an attention monger.] Ben decides to start telling everyone in the hallway that life sucks, so Katelyn calls Leo. [that man must have a separate ringtone for calls from the school at this point...] Leo realizes that Amy is the cause of Ben's stress, as he's still hung up on her... and that it's his fault, as he was very encouraging when things began three years ago. Amy overhears some of this conversation but doesn't say anything to Leo, though she shares it with George. [um, I wonder what Ricky will think when he inevitably finds out?]

Okay, moving to the smaller storylines... At school, Ethan pretends he's Kathy's babydaddy to scare off a boy who was hanging around her. [why does Ethan talk about not being able to drive being the reason they're not dating? Teens can't ride together anyway in California.] Kathy invites Ethan to a meeting with the adoptive parents, but when he seems to intrigued, she calls it off, worried that he'll get too attached. [I also wish we were privy to this meeting...] Ethan goes to Ben for advice on dating a pregnant girl, but Ben doesn't want to mentor anyone, leading to his aforementioned tirade in the hallway. Amy tells Kathy that Ethan isn't going to be able to distance himself from the baby, but Kathy believes that she's different. Margaret gives Ethan similar advice, but Ethan is already too attached - he asks Margaret to consider taking in Kathy's child! [whoa!] 

At the college, Clementine confronts Jack about how he lied to her. Apparently, he gave her the "I'm falling in love with you" line to get her into bed, but it ended up being a one-night stand, deeply upsetting her. [and now we know why she left immediately last episode.] She gives him her background, part of which is that she got stuck in foster homes because her father kept sleeping around and neglecting her. After she leaves, Jack calls Grace, who quickly accepts him again. [I don't know about you, but I'm really coming around to despising Jack!]
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