Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Teen Mom: Sophia Meets Daniel, Maci Moves, Amber Complains, Butch Jailed

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Ugh. I have gotten to the point where I'm glad that this show is just about over. I've been tired of Amber. Nothing ever happens with Catelynn. I feel like Farrah just wants to settle down and she's still a couple years away from doing so. Maci's storyline is the only one that I look forward to anymore... will she and Kyle stay together? Will Bentley become more independent? After she finishes school, how will Maci do in the job world? How will Ryan change if he gains more custody of his son? And, now, how will Kyle owning the home where they live affect their lives? Yes, some of these points can be researched, given that the show is nearly a year behind the present, but the way the show presents Maci's life is interesting to me, so I continue to watch. What about you? Whose stories are you tuning in for at this point?

Teen Mom "The Next Step" (S04E08): It's late September for Amber and Gary, late August or early September for Farrah, probably mid-August for Catelynn and Tyler, and probably mid-September for Maci.

Farrah: She takes Sophia to ride a pony, then talks to the toddler about Daniel. [no helmet??!?!?] Farrah has her first day of school and plans a date with Daniel and Sophia that night. [I was kinda sad that the only comment Farrah had about her class was that she was there for three hours... that's what you get when you want to commute minimally.] Sophia is acting up and Farrah worries that it'll scare off Daniel. [I sit here and roll my eyes at the way Farrah asks Daniel questions about being around Sophia, who really needs to take her pacifier out of her mouth when she speaks...] Later that night, Farrah asks her mom to come watch Sophia when she goes to Austin with Daniel. [they've been dating for about a month and she's going to go on a trip with him? to meet his family?? And her mom has no qualms??? I'm a bit skeptical here...] 

Maci: The condo she's been living in has been sold, so Maci and Kyle debate over whether they should rent or buy their next place. They want a nice yard so they go to see a few houses with a realtor. [cute house graphic of gummies.] The first place is a $379K house, but they need less house, more yard, and a cheaper price. [yep. why even look at a place that expensive??] They want the mortgage payments to be under $900/month, and the house will be in Kyle's name. [hmmm...] Maci wants another baby but isn't ready to be married yet, so she's holding off. [this is so odd for me... I don't understand the desire to be responsible for another life without having a life partner with whom to do so...] Maci's mother surprises her by being supportive of she and Kyle buying a house. [who plays the violin in Maci's family??] Kyle and Maci go to look at a 3/2 with a huge yard that's only $79,000, and although it needs some work, they put in an offer of $70,000. [anyone see that weird "m" shirt that Maci and Kyle wore at different points in the episode?] In other news, Ryan talks about joint custody some more, but still no action.
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Amber: she admits to being a dumb-@$$ for not finishing high school. [well, yeah.] She asks Gary if she can come by to see Leah before she goes to bed, but Gary says that five minutes is a tease to Leah. [and he's right. that would definitely rile and confuse the little girl.] Gary is going to move October 7th. [lmao. I love how they blur out Gary's name on Amber's phone. because that's not known by the public, ha!] Amber complains to her friend that she hasn't seen Leah in a week, so the friend pressures Gary into bringing Leah to Amber the next day. However, Amber's mindset is questionable anyway, especially after she says that sometimes she wishes she could go back to rehab because sometimes "she doesn't know how to live." [doesn't it kinda scare you that she would care for a child??] It doesn't take long for Amber to fly off the handle and start cursing up a storm at Gary. [is Amber allowed to drive again??] We also learn that Amber hasn't been to outpatient yet, complaining that it's 52 minutes away. [yeah... no wonder she doesn't have herself together.]

Catelynn: Butch got into a fight with Catelynn's mom and ended up in jail. [it's gotta be rough to get a text that your fiance's dad beat up your mom!] Catelynn goes to check on her mom, and sees all of the damage and injuries. Her mom decides to start going to AA. [did we know Butch's dad committed suicide?]
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