Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Teen Mom: Season Four's "Unseen Moments"

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The "unseen moments" are never great episodes, in my opinion. I mean, they didn't make the actual season for a reason. This time around, Maci potty-training Bentley wouldn't have been bad, but I wasn't too big on the whole "let him pee in the yard" thing. Ryan treating Maci badly and others asking about the status of Maci & Kyle's relationship aren't news. Similarly, Amber complaining about Gary is par for the course, and Gary trying to pawn off Leah on his mother wasn't surprising. Catelynn joining Weight Watchers and Tyler considering joint bank accounts were a little more interesting, but perhaps there was no follow-up and so TV didn't bother to put it into the regular season. It would have been good to include the restaurant scene, though, where Catelynn seems to be set on her education degree... only because she waffles so much in just a few episodes. And, Farrah... well, the Michael scene wasn't too shocking, but I was more disappointed that Dr. Drew acted like she was bringing in a child psychologist to help with Sophia, not a childproofing specialist! As with every season of Teen Mom, there seem to be a bunch of various "wrap-ups," so whether this is truly the end or we'll have another finisher of some sort, we'll see. Either way, I think I'm beyond ready to bid this show farewell... what about you? 

Teen Mom "Unseen Moments" (Special)
: Maci and Kyle try to potty-train Bentley with a potty seat and cookies for targets, but also letting him try it urinating in the yard. [I wonder if this will be like taking away his pacifier... it will take forever because the routine at Ryan's and the routine at Maci's are not consistent.]  Another scene has the couple having friends over who ask about their relationship status and why they're not engaged yet. [do people not understand how awkward that it?] We see Ryan talk to his parents about how upset Maci was that they didn't go to Bentley's birthday. We see Maci turn 20 and have to deal with Ryan not coming on-time to pick-up Bentley.

Farrah: When she can't get Sophia under control, Farrah calls a childproofing specialist to help keep Sophia from making more messes. They get gates on the doors, locks on the cabinets, and a stopper on the toilet. [umm... okay.] We see a scene where Michael is planning to move to Florida for a year so that he can be part of Farrah's life, but he would plan to live with her, which she won't allow. [duh. she tried so hard to get away from her parents!] We see Farrah put on a risque temporary tattoo in Austin and then send a picture to her mother, who calls and lectures her on being professional. [it seemed like she knew it was a joke, though. I also didn't like that Farrah called her mom "loser."] 

: Tyler's mom invites Catelynn to join Weight Watchers with her, as Catelynn still wants to lose some baby weight - she put on 60 pounds with her pregnancy. [dang.] She weighs 154.6 and wants to get back to being around 115 (she gets 29 points per day). Later, we see Tyler tell his mother that Catelynn doesn't pay attention to her finances and that he wants to get joint accounts and be in charge. [I don't think Catelynn would really let him be in charge, though...] His mother doesn't think it's a good idea because they're not married. We also see the families sharing a meal just before Catelynn and Tyler graduate from high school and Catelynn is dead-set on being a preschool or kindergarten teacher, even telling her brother that she's set and won't change her mind. [hahahahaha!]

Amber: We see Gary get frustrated with Leah being a brat and trying to get his mother to watch her for a while. [how often do you bet this happens?] We see Gary thank his mother for going over to Amber's when the teen mother was suicidal. Then we see Amber venting to a friend about how Gary took Leah to have her hair cut and didn't ask first. [it's still long, I don't get what the big deal is.]
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