Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ben and Kate: A Wasted Birthday Party

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Why is BJ trying so hard to act like she's poor? I mean, what's the point in just trying to take advantage of anybody and everybody? I don't understand why this show needs a central "villain," but I sure do dislike her! Not that I was a big fan of any of the characters in this episode... I hope that's the last we see of Molly... couldn't believe Kate could be so different! And that whole Kate-and-Tommy scene at the end really made me question where this show is going... I'm sick and tired of main characters starting to be attracted to one another so early in the show. Having one pine for the other is one thing, but for it to be even hinted that it's a mutual relationship is something different.

Ben and Kate "21st Birthday" (S01E04): Kate is turning 26 but Ben thinks that he, Tommy, and BJ should throw Kate the 21st birthday she never had. [I understand that Kate is supposed to be young, but don't you think the actress looks more like 30?] She tells them that she doesn't want to have a wild party, but Ben arranges it so that Tommy's parents watch Maddie and Kate's old friend, Molly, comes to town for the occasion. 
Cr: Jennifer Clasen/FOX
But, neither Kate nor Ben stay at the party for long. Molly convinces Kate to go out and find a man, so Tommy drives them (the ladies were imbibing), only Molly is too wild for Kate, wanting to buy drugs. [holy cow! I understand this was a 21st-theme and all, but what respectable 26-year-old buys recreational drugs?? oh. the keyword there must be "respectable."] Tommy holds a grudge against Molly, blaming the $15 loan he gave her ten years ago to be the reason he couldn't date Kate. 

Elsewhere, Ben has decided that he must have the tree in Darcy's backyard, as the two planted it as children and he always had the intention to turn it into a canoe. [say whaaat??] BJ accompanies him to rip it out, but she causes a commotion and Darcy invites them into the house that she'll now be sharing with her husband. BJ pretends to be Ben's girlfriend to give him a little credibility. [why, I don't know.] 

In the end, Ben, Kate, BJ, Maddie, and Tommy go for ice cream sundaes for breakfast. And, Kate gives Tommy a ray of hope when it comes to dating her.
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