Wednesday, October 17, 2012

19 Kids & Counting: Birthdays, Dinners, Trips

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

First up, let's talk about the problems. Aside from Anna going overboard for her son's first birthday (which many people do, let's not lie), there wasn't much to the first episode. Though, of course, it very clearly ran outside of chronological order within the season. Again, I think that TLC is just trying to burn up the footage they have of the Duggar clan. The second episode is SO MUCH MORE PROBLEMATIC. Looking at the title alone, without the hyphen it sounds like "thrill" is actually seeking out the family rather than the family seeking out thrills. I can't stand mistakes like that. There's also some sort of weird situation going on where Michelle and Josie drive two hours to the theme park separately because the toddler didn't feel well. If there were already 50 people going, I doubt that TLC was footing that bill... so why would Michelle pay $60 to go for just a few hours (Josie would be free because she's under 4 years old)? And that whole comment about being bored at the house? No. Spend some alone time with one of your daughters! The rest of the family would be home before you went to sleep anyway! I'm not anticipating this show to have much left to air.

19 Kids and Counting "First Grandson Turns 1" (S06E23): Josh, Anna, and the kids go to a party supply store and a grocery store to get things for Michael's first birthday party. [buying stuff that's themed is one thing... but when your family is that large and they have generic party stuff, I probably would have done that.] They'll be doing hot dogs and hamburgers (apparently breaking in a grill that's been at the Duggar home for 5+ years but never used?), and Anna wants to do a large layered cake. [what's all that heavy whipping cream for? she didn't make her own frosting...] We see a star parenting moment as Anna's on her phone as she pushes the cart and Michael manages to get an egg from the carton and drop it on the floor. [yeah, Anna, you should be embarrassed.] Amy comes over to help bake, but they need to call in additional help anyway after the cake is uneven (well, that was the last straw. They already had issues with cakes overflowing in the oven, mixers coming apart when making pudding, and stacked cakes leaning). They have a giant blow-up playsets and a cotton candy machine. The cake turns out very cute, but Michael doesn't like it. [I suspect that he just didn't like the forced attention and pressure.]
19 Kids and Counting "Thrill Seeking Duggars" (S06E24): The Vanderhoffs come over for dinner, plus Jonathan, Jennifer, AND the Gomezes from Indiana. Jana & Jill's friend, Ashton, comes as well, and she makes chicken and dumplings for everyone.

The Duggars (minus Michelle and Josie, initially) and several widowed families (plus Jonathan, Jennifer, the Gomezes, Ashton, Cousin Amy, and Grandma) head to Branson, MO, to go to Silver Dollar City (which the Duggars have now seen 20+ times). They have issues with fear on a roller coaster, but it works out for most people. [I assume this takes place very near the dinner because of those involved, but it's not clear.]

Jill turns 21 and has lunch with her parents at a local organic restaurant. They give her a necklace, a card game (could not tell which it is), and some candy. Jill talks about receiving a speeding ticket the night before. [I would have been more interested in hearing about how her training as a midwife is going... after all, she was headed to a birth when she was pulled over!]
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