Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Neighbors: The First Day of School

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Okay... one more episode and I'm going to give up on this show. I see what they want to do - going for jokes purely based on the fact that the aliens not only don't know any better but have no sense that the way they do things could be seen as odd. Different from most alien shows because most tend to be paranoid that they don't "blend in" well enough. Don't get me wrong... the show is not without quality points... like how Jackie and Larry are trying to figure out sarcasm throughout this episode - not comedic gold, but still pretty decent. However, nothing else about this episode was really great... I mean, you could predict that Dick would be a bully and that Reggie would do whatever Amber wanted. In fact, I continue to be impressed by just how much Reggie "gets" about Earth/New Jersey.

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The Neighbors "Bathroom Etiquette" (S01E04): Max shows Dick what teasing might occur at school, and the Weavers are so paranoid about the aliens fitting in that Debbie even makes lunches for Reggie and Dick. Actually, she begins to overstep boundaries in just about every area,  much to the annoyance of Larry and Jackie. At school, Dick punches Max to show that he's not the weakest kid. [again, saw that coming.] Larry gloats that Dick won the fight because it shows that the Weavers don't know everything. Later that day, Dick turns into an alien in front of a few kids in the restroom, and the principal is ready to suspend Dick until Debbie comes forward and says that they're trying to help the other family learn the local customs. [blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, at the high school, Reggie helps Amber (who freaks over a pimple, by the way) meet her instant crush by saying she cheated on him with a celebrity. [does this work nowadays??]

Other fun facts: Larry's family have been growing plants in their bathrooms.
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