Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Middle: Hose, Fundraiser, New Career

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I understand that Frankie and Mike are not supposed to be examples of great parents, but the fact that neither can recall for certain having "the talk" with ANY of their children is beyond disturbing. Now, my mother wasn't into such things either (in fact, I flat-out asked to have it and she avoided the subject), but geez! This was a pretty classic episode of what The Middle is, though... not having enough money but wanting your kids to have an average life, dealing with terrorizing neighbors, and having to go talk to the principal after something unique happened! The best joke of the episode goes to everyone buying fake autographed stuff! and, Frankie now has a career in mind: dental assistant. Let's see how well that goes...

The Middle "The Hose" (S04E05): Sue, as mascot, has been asked to go on a band trip to Cincinnati, and she has to raise half of the cost - the other half is to be footed by her parents. She wants to take cheeses and sausages to the quarry to sell and gets a glance at Mike's paycheck, which prompts her to lie about a new rule prohibiting mascots from attending... she feels bad using her parents' money. [I found it odd that Brick and Axl are well aware of their financial status, but it's a surprise for Sue.] But, when Brad and Carly come over to take Sue to the mall, Mike realizes the truth and tells Sue that she should go on the trip; it's his job to worry about the money.

Brick wants to take a personal day from school to avoid the human development talk, but Frankie and Mike make him go. [loved that he tried to "be normal" by looking at Frankie's bras.] He later hears more than an earful from Axl on "what he needs to know" as well. He's also upset he still has to care for the rabbit. [okay, where do you think this rabbit thing is going?]

Frankie has taken up walking and accidentally makes eye contact with Rita Glossner. Rita accuses Frankie of stealing her hose (with which she fills her front yard wading pool), and when Frankie argues, Rita sends her boys to tear up the Hecks' yard.

Frankie puts Axl in charge of protecting the lawn (which means planning to throw urine balloons and bags of dog feces at trespassers) while tries to put a new hose on the Glossners' lawn. Well, Rita catches her and the hose winds up chipping Frankie's tooth. [omg! owww!] As she's getting ready to go to the dentist, she sees that Brick had stolen the hose to give his bunny water, so they wrap it up in a tarp and bury it, but an identical hose appears on Rita's yard anyway, so she invites the family to a "swimming party."
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