Thursday, October 18, 2012

Suburgatory Returns, Kills Potential Plots

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

You may recall that I thought that this show was dragging as the first season finished, and wasn't sure if I'd keep up with it. Well, the teases over the hiatus have convinced me to stay through the Thanksgiving episode, so we'll re-evaluate in another month. But, I gotta say, this season premiere was terrible! Lisa having the knowledge that Ryan was adopted is now useless. Tessa and her grandmother seem to have no tension, and the break from Chatswin apparently made the protagonist content with her life once more. Plus, Eden is gone, so George is back to having no life. The only plot that moved forward this episode is Dallas' struggle to become closer to Dalia - without her housekeeper/nanny, she'll be forced to deal with her daughter more often.

Suburgatory "Homecoming" (S02E01): Tessa spent the summer with her mother's mother in Manhattan. She found out that her mother played guitar so she takes an interest in music, deciding to learn one of her mother's songs and play it in the Fall Follies. [what was with the scene where George makes Tessa sign a condition report before lending her his guitar?]

Lisa decides to confront her mother about Ryan being adopted, and her parents talk about how difficult it was to adopt Ryan - the birthmother took him back multiple times. [awww!] Lisa wants things to change, like getting the solo for their Fall Follies song over Ryan. [dancing cats? EVERY year??] 
But, it backfires when Sheila realizes that all she has to do is threaten Lisa with the fact that, if she told Ryan the truth and he wanted to find his birthmother, that would mean Sheila would have more time to spend with Lisa. [yep, that sure would suck!] In the end, they burn down the potting shed and its secrets.

Noah is trying to woo Carmen back to nanny for the new baby, Opus, as she cared for Jenna before working for Dallas. When he offers her a car, she asks Dallas to counter-offer, but Carmen winds up leaving Dallas when she sees the woman destroying Noah's bribes. [...aside fro holiday cards or East Sunday, I don't think I've ever seen a father and son dress alike... did anyone else find that odd? Of course, not as odd as putting a headpiece on the baby to hold iced coffee!]  
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