Thursday, October 18, 2012

South Park: Butters & Kenny Save Hawaii

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I don't know a lot about Hawaii, but I found it hilarious that all of the "natives" are just people who have timeshares or go there for a month each year! From spending time in California, it sure seems like everyone vacations there on an annual basis, so I guess part of it adds up, anyway. But the part that's a bit too much of a stretch for me is the fact that Butters is supposed to be "Hawaiian" because his parents had, at one point, spent a lot of time there? So much so that they are "Hawaiian Royalty" ?? I dunno about that... I did like, at least,
the use of "Haole," which gave me an excuse to brush-up on my hate-crime-ish vocabulary.
And, speaking of vocabulary, was anyone else caught of-guard to hear Kenny's inner voice narrate his letters back to the guys? Have we heard this voice before and I just can't remember/didn't see that episode, or was this a first?

South Park "Going Native" (S16E11): Butters beats up a kid, and though Cartman is thrilled, Kyle is concerned. This leads to Butters telling off his peers, calling them all self-absorbed except for Kenny. His parents decide that it's a cultural problem and that Butters must go to Hawaii for the ceremony of "hapa noa." [which, as far as I can tell, is not a real thing.] He must travel alone, but the others force Kenny to go after his "best friend." At the airport, the travel agent thinks Butters is intoxicated so she she makes Kenny accompany him to Kauai.

When they arrive, things get underway for Butters' ceremony... only the "natives" decide to pause it in order to revolt against the possible elimination of the Mahalo Rewards Card. [interesting dig at how local residents receive 20% off everything.] The natives are afraid that there will be no distinction between natives and tourists at that point, so they throw golfballs at a cruise ship. [...what was that supposed to do?] Butters drives one in such a way that the entire ship sinks. [...oh.] 
photo courtesy: Comedy Central
They get rid of all of the tourists, but they worry about Kenny and force him to try paddleboarding in the river... only to let him go tumbling over a waterfall. Kenny makes it to shore and waltzes into a dilapidated resort, where the ghost of Elvis shows him a stockpile of drink ingredients. [that chi-chi sounded gross to me!] The Coast Guard arrives, but, luckily, Kenny uses a paddleboard to bring the vodka to the Hawaiians, who now feel able to fight the government. [seriously.] The Mahalo Rewards card is reinstated, Butters finishes his ceremony (and thus relinquishes his anger), and Kenny is also crowned as a native.
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