Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guys with Kids: A Different Kind of Couch Gag

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'll admit it... this episode was a bit weaker than the last few. I still don't understand why Gary seems to be the "main character" in a clearly ensemble show... especially after I thought Chris would be the main character, according to the pilot. I'm also tiring of the tension between Sheila and the rest of the characters, which I see only getting worse now that she lives in the same building! I'm really struggling to understand how she came to the conclusion to share their address, but I guess it's just something that I need to accept and move past. I still like the show and hope it hangs in there... I don't know if its lead-in, Animal Practice, being canceled will help or not!

Guys with Kids "Gary's Day Off" (S01E05): When Marny gets back from a week on business, Nick tells her that Gary desperately needs a day off, so she decides to give it to him. He wants to go return some swimsuits to Old Navy and hang at the Apple store, but Nick suggests that they use Chris's Giants tickets and go to the game. [I really loved "this is what I wish for every time I hold my breath in the tunnel!"] But, Sheila got the tickets in the divorce (along with most everything else, as Chris tried to "take the high road"). [I found it hilarious that Nick suggested Sheila have full custody of Ernie in exchange for the tickets, and Chris can have one of Gary's kids).

So, the trio head to ask for the tickets, but Sheila will only fork them over if they spend the next five hours packing her apartment. They keep putting up with her until she asks Gary to re-pack her 40 Madam Alexander dolls, one per box. [...whaaa?!?!] It's at that point that they decide to steal her couch, as it was Nick's favorite before it was reupholstered. But, it won't fit through the door and they need to lower it out of a window. [you know this is going to become ridiculous!] Sheila comes home early and they have to drop it down to Gary, who waits outside. But, she wants to hand the tickets to Gary herself, so they have to lift the couch again. [you'd think that passersby would give away what was taking place!]
(Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

They get it to Chris's place, but he realizes that he doesn't actually want the couch, so they stick it on the roof. Somehow, Sheila doesn't really notice, but Nick spills the beans when she comes over to give Chris all of his tickets, and tell him that her move was to THEIR BUILDING! . 

While all of this is going on, Marny tries caring for the four boys but keeps forgetting to do the basics like feed them. Emily tries to help, but Marny claims that she can do it herself... up until the family goes to the ER because of a stomachache. Gary cares too much about his children to go to the game while one is in pain, so they double-back to the hospital and he realizes that his son just ate too much jelly. All is well, except Gary has to go to the game in a hospital gown... as his kid vomited on him!
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