Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Switched at Birth: Bay & Daphne Are Not Alone!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Who sees Nikki falling for Emmett? I mean, I don't think he'd let anything happen, especially when he knows how Toby already has feelings for her, but it's a possibility. Next week is the season finale, so we probably won't find out for a while yet. What will likely happen, however, is that the Kennishes will win their case against the hospital, thanks to the new information dug up at the last minute. That's right, it seems that the hospital had made a similar mistake just months before Bay and Daphne were born! You can see one of the others involved in that incident below, talking to Kathryn. But... you gotta think... if the trial is over and the book is published, then there's not much left from the early part of this show to carry into the second season. This makes me wonder if something will go wrong and the trial (or an appeal) will move into the second season when it begins airing this winter... what do you think will happen?
Switched at Birth "The Trial" (S01E29):
The Parents: Angelo is back because he quit when there was a dispute over the correct cabinets for the job. [it sounds like he left the project really early, not just by a couple of days!] Regina initially says that she won't be attending the trial, but we see her in the courtroom when Angelo testifies anyway. [what for?] He actually makes great points - talking about how he lost so much being away from his family for all of those years, but he shouldn't have been put in a position to doubt Regina. However, one of the big witnesses in the case is brought down when it's shown that she believes barcodes for people are marks of the devil. [oh, goodness!] But, luckily, when a similar case is unearthed (though those babies were only switched for nine days when one of the mothers insisted that something was wrong), things are back on track. [why did she stay quiet when everything came out?? she says she didn't know about this instance... so I guess she doesn't live in the area any longer?] But, that's not it for the surprises - Kathryn is going to be the next witness called to the stand, but neither she nor her lawyers know why.

Bay: She can't get together the money to repay her father, despite asking her brother, Zarra, and even trying to collect "party donations" for Halloween. [will we see the holiday portrayed in the season finale?] So, when Simone offers to help, Bay takes her money and rushes it to the safe. But, John notices that there's more 20s and less 100s than there should be, so he suspects Travis of using the safe like a personal ATM. This causes Daphne to tell Bay to come clean, so she tells Kathryn, who will hold her secret for a week before telling John. [I'm not sure that was the best move, but I'm not a parent.] When the time comes to talk punishment, John tells Bay that he doesn't know what to do with her, and her comebacks include trying to say that they let Toby get away with more and claiming that Zarra would be the person she'd be now if she grew up as Regina's child. Not knowing where to turn, Bay goes to Zarra's trailer to stay for a while. [hello, family therapy!]  

Daphne: She and Jeff are out and he eats grasshoppers from a food truck encouraging her to try some. [haha, "Shrimp are basically the bugs of the ocean."] He invites her back to his place for gelato, but she gets sick from the insects. So, when Melody comes to pick up some sunglasses that she left over there, Daphne is in the bathroom vomiting, preventing an awkward moment. The woman still knows, however, as she sees Daphne's car is parked out front! At school, Melody warns Daphne that dating an older man is difficult - she dated a professor in college. [Why did Daphne even tell Jeff about it if she's going to handle it herself?] Daphne confides in Bay that she thinks she ruined things, but Bay is more surprised that Daphne doesn't share her "virgin" status. [but we still don't know who her "first" was... could it be Emmett??] She goes back to Jeff's anyway, saying that she doesn't want to look back and wonder, "what if?" She goes inside but we're not sure what happens.

Toby & Emmett: Toby introduces Emmett to Nikki, and though she is initially skeptical, things go well and they get the band going. But, Nikki's boyfriend doesn't like the looks of Toby and Emmett so he asks her not to play with them. Emmett tells Toby to fight for the band, so he tells Nikki that music is bigger than jealousy, and she agrees to stay part of the group. [not the most compelling argument, but a good try.]
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