Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Switched at Birth: Zarra in Jail; Toby's New Band

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Not one of the series' best episodes. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong, but I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that none of the core characters were really doing ensemble work. Daphne only spoke to her coworkers, except for one scene with Bay and Zarra. Toby only talks to Nikki and Emmett. Bay makes the rounds, but primarily her scenes are with Zarra and Alex (whom I had almost forgotten about already). Angelo is still absent, Adrianna gets one line, and John and Kathryn are caught up in mostly responding to the efforts made by Alex's parents. Speaking of which, I understand that the Kennish family has not been attending church for "nine months" or so, but unless Alex's family is new, wouldn't they have crossed paths at some point? Or is it a mega-church in Kansas City that they attend? Either way, I don't think that facet is going anywhere anytime soon... Toby and Nikki are getting quite comfortable!

Switched at Birth "We Are the Kraken of our Own Sinking Ships" (S01E28):
Daphne: Jeff first tells her that they can't kiss again, but he later says that he wants to make out once more. Scuba, one of Daphne's coworkers, asks her out, but she says that she's seeing someone, and he figures out that it's Jeff. So, when Scuba screws up some poaches shrimp, he asks Daphne to take the blame, as she wouldn't get fired and he would. She hesitates but decides to help him out, though Jeff sees through it and fires Scuba anyway, who exposes the office romance before leaving.

Kathryn, John, Regina: Kathryn tells Bay that she ran into Alex's parents and invited the family over for dinner. [loved Kathryn's dress... so much so that I added a second photo to this post so you can see it!] They talk about how active their children are in extracurricular activities, which makes John paranoid that Toby and Bay won't get into good colleges, as they're not big volunteers and don't really play sports. [I am shocked and disturbed that neither John nor Kathryn thought about this before!] Regina and Patrick are present at the dinner and act like newlyweds. [why? shouldn't they try to keep the story somewhat straight? The government has eyes everywhere, LoL.] Alex's mother teaches the group to salsa, which causes tension for Patrick, as Regina took lessons with Angelo previously.

Bay: She and Zarra paint Bay's car, upsetting John. At the dinner, Alex thought Bay set it all up, so he's a bit disappointed when Bay says that's not what happened. During the meal, Bay gets a call from the county jail - Zarra needs $1500 for bail, so Bay excuses herself and Alex to "get gelato" when in reality she's trying to help her friend. When she can only pull out $300 from the ATM, they go to the carwash, where Bay takes it from the safe. [wow. I mean, I guess it made sense to her to go there, but geez.] But, things get complicated when Travis is in the office, so he finds out about part of the situation. [why didn't Bay open the safe, though? Travis doing it only puts his prints on it instead of Bay's.] When Bay gets to the police station, she finds out that she also bailed out Zarra's friend. [I'm kinda surprised that Bay didn't learn that when she got the receipt... surely it would say WHO she bailed out, right? And even when she went to pay... after saying Zarra's name, why would the clerk assume she was also bailing out someone else??]

Toby: After playing some guitar, Nikki asks him if he wants to form a group for an upcoming Battle of the Bands event. Things are going well until he finds out that she has a long-distance boyfriend at an agricultural college. He gets past that, though, after he listens to a song she wrote about the guy who shot her father at a mall. She also talks about her past experience with drugs, which makes him decide to go to Emmett's and bury the hatchet. They even decide to play music together once more.
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