Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HIMYM: Mickey as a Nanny for Marvin

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Marvin is five months old? Wow. Time flies! I guess I hadn't thought about it before, but having a baby born in a season finale really allows the writers to get around doing episodes about colic and doing nothing but staying awake all night, LoL! Now, little Marvin is already on solid foods, so it's only a matter of time before they have him crawling! I was pretty interested in how Marshall and Lily were going to work with a nanny... much more than I am in seeing Mickey all the time! I mean, I guess we'll just have to deal with this character addition, but hopefully it won't actually factor in too much... after all, it seems that both Robin and Ted will go through breakups fairly shortly!

How I Met Your Mother "Nannies" (S08E03): Marshall and Lily take turns watching Marvin by the hour. [I'm not a parent, but isn't it bad to let your child purposefully sit in his own filth longer than he has to? isn't that what causes diaper rashes?] Lily's father is back because he blew up his garage with Mexican fireworks, but Lily won't let him watch the baby, despite her desperation to find a nanny before she returns to work. Marshall and Lily interview nearly 100 nannies before finding a wonderful one, Mrs. Buckminster, whom they can't afford. So, they more or less resort to using heynannynanny.com to find a girl from Marshall's hometown they like. [yep, as they usually do, CBS bought that site and put up some Barney stuff, complete with links to some of their other pages!] When they call her later to confirm things, it seems that she went on an interview and fell in love with a single father billionaire, whom they realize is Barney in a charade. [hahaha!] When they tell her, she turns them down because she can't work for someone who is friends with Barney. [that sucks!] Well, Barney agrees to pay for Mrs. Buckminster, but Lily can't hand over the baby to a stranger, and Mickey steps in secretly watching Marvin for a day while Lily sleeps. [surprising.] Turns out, Mickey was a stay-at-home-dad for Lily for a few years, but when she went to preschool, he was bored and took up gambling. [I did not like seeing Marvin age a few years there... and I never want to see Marvin's thumbs again, LoL!]

More about Barney's scheme... see, he is celebrating Bangtoberfest because he's single. However, he keeps defaulting to the same pick-up line and he's making himself miserable looking for something new. So, he decides to get girls by interviewing them for make-believe nanny positions for Baby Edgar, who is perpetually napping. [hahahaha! great scheme!] Well, he runs into all of the nannies he seduces and gets beaten up. [liked the end scene with Mrs. Buckminster helping Barney make better decisions.] 
Also, Ted and Robin are competing to see who is happier. Ted and Victoria RSVP to a wedding in Jamaica six months from now, while Robin and Nick plan to spend New Years in Hawai'i. [with his parents, for some reason.] 
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