Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Robbery at the Diner

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Let's talk about the opening scene for a second. At first it appears to exist merely to remind the viewer that Caroline and Max are very different: Caroline wants to watch a documentary and Max wants to watch Honey Boo Boo. Yes, those are as different as night and day, we get the point. But, then, the series decides to liven things with a slapfight... a poorly choreographed series of high-fives to the face. I mean, their cheeks aren't even turning red, people! I thought the whole moment was ridiculous and unnecessary, which, sadly, the opening scenes for 2 Broke Girls often are. This episode was a bit different from most, what with Sophie getting most of the punchlines, Han seeming courageous, and a segment even taking place outside the diner or the girls' apartment. And, Caroline's pearls are much prettier in this smaller arrangement. But, you and I both know that is not enough to keep this show flowing... let's hope for something more intriguing coming up soon than this robbery and the recent estate sale and Martha Stewart reminder.

2 Broke Girls
"And the Hold-Up" (S02E03): A guy comes in to rob the diner, and although Max and Earl go along with it, Caroline begins uncontrollably urinating and tries to use Max as a human shield while Han pulls a gun from his "mannypack." [which was funnier - Oleg slipping in a puddle of pee or Earl talking about having been on both sides of a robbery?] 
Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.
Although still upset, Max teaches Caroline how to sneak into the movies. [hair flip Willow Smith?? I did like Sophie's "you're an eight" = urinate joke!] Caroline panics but they get through by telling an usher that they left a phone in the theater. They get the boy behind the counter to make them fresh popcorn. [great line from Max: "Hallelujah's parents clearly had bigger dreams for him." and one from Hallelujah: "you'll get the burnt ones and like it, nerd."] After settling into the film, the girls notice that Han is in the same theater so they follow him when he gets up with another guy. [by the way, we learned that Han is 29... like the girls, I thought he was older, like 40. so I loved the shocked responses when characters learn that he isn't 53.] They even follow him to the restroom, but on the way back in, Caroline and Han get stopped and asked for their tickets, which they don't have. [wait... so who was that guy with Han? and why didn't Han have his own ticket?] Caroline is mad that Max left her stranded, but they get over it. [why can't Caroline think of something she did for Max? Caroline overhauled Max's finances and helped with her taxes!]
Cupcakery Savings Total: $995.00. [how did they make any money this episode??]
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