Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Revolution: Charlie Meets Neville

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

My husband called it last week... Nate is really Jason, Captain Neville's son. I didn't want to believe it... but, then again, I didn't want to see his unfortunate life before the blackout, either. Another shocker was the fact that Nora got stabbed AGAIN and isn't dead yet. Of course, that might come next week, thanks to the upcoming scenes - it seems that medicine is scarce and Charlie might have to prostitute herself for it. As this show becomes less interesting (and seems more and more like Terra Nova), I'm getting ready to cast it aside, even if I'm in the minority to do so (the show is among the few to receive a full-season pick-up at this point). Are you still into it? Think I should hang on?

Revolution "Soul Train" (S01E05): In Noblesville, IN, the group hears a train, and Miles realizes that is how Danny will be brought to Philadelphia. They have to find Danny ASAP, so the group scouts around. Charlie meets Neville, telling him that she's Sarah and is just spying on her boyfriend. But, she follows him and he attacks her, though Miles comes to her rescue. [great. now Charlie is just as recognizable as the rest of her family!] 
(Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC)
Aaron guards Nate, who mistakenly sees the pendant, though he gives it back when asked. Charlie and Miles try to get info out of the boy, but stupidly, they let him get away. [Miles ain't no fool... so what was this scene??]

Nora goes into a bookstore (with three scratches on the window) and asks for a biography of Joe Biden, which is a sign for the rebels. She meets Hutch and they hatch a plan to blow up the train, because that will kill a bunch of officers all at once. [why does Nora even tell Aaron her plan?] Nora builds a bomb inside a log, so it'll be thrown into the fire without question. But, as the train pulls out, Nora realizes that Danny is on the train and she can't let him die, but Hutch stabs her when she tries to stop it. Aaron, Miles, and Charlie find Nora, who tells them what the bomb looks like. Miles and Charlie steal horses and catch up to the train. [Back to the Future III, much?] Miles pulls the bomb from the fire as Charlie breaks into the car holding Danny and Neville. The siblings almost have things under control when Nate shows up, throwing Charlie from the train against Neville's orders. Miles jumps off shortly afterward, and the crew will now have to walk to Philadelphia. Already there, Neville is reunited with his wife, and it's revealed that Nate's real name is Jason... Neville's son. Plus, now that Rachel knows just how real the danger is to her son, she sketches Monroe what the pendant looks like... and explains that having 12 of them will restore the power.

Flashbacks: On the day of the blackout, we see Neville as an insurance adjustor who is fired for giving too much money on claims. That night, we see him take out his anger on a punching bag, then tell his son that you never hit people. Well, six weeks later, a neighbor breaks into their home, and Neville kills him in front of his family.
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Unknown said...

This was a pretty good episode, but only because Neville is featured, and Giancarlo is a fantastic actor. He pulled off the wimp really well, contrasting with the douche bag he is now. I’m tired of Charlie’s incessant whining, and I really wanted to see the train blow up, but I understand the symbol that it is and why they didn’t. As I have found in the past, like with LOST, when I really like a show, I usually buy the DVD at the end of the season. This time my DISH coworker reminded me that I have thousands of hours of recording time on my new Hopper DVR, so I can save the episodes on there. I can even back them up with an external hard drive, but it will save me a lot of money not having to buy the DVDs this time.