Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Revolution: Another Episode, Another Death

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is only episode four?? I feel like this show has been on forever. Of course, that's probably partially due to the fact that I saw the pilot back in July, LoL. And, partially because we already have a SECOND dead character. Sure, it seems that flashbacks will happen and that won't be the final appearance of Maggie, but she can't further any storylines now. This makes me question the focus of the show after they retrieve Danny... he, Charlie, Miles, and Aaron as the "good guys," Monroe and Nate (and probably the Captain) as the "bad guys," Nora as an "independent," and Rachel as a "hidden character." Plus Grace, if we see her again, which I'm betting will happen. Not every show needs to have a clear through-line (and most don't), but this show just has not attracted my full attention yet... and I'm starting to wonder if it will!

Revolution "The Plague Dogs" (S01E04): Charlie and Miles force a soldier to tell them which direction the militiamen who have Danny are headed, so when they meet up with Maggie and Aaron (a day late), they're hot on the trail and hoping to catch up to their enemies in a day or so. But, they come across some dogs and Aaron is bitten. While Maggie bandages his leg, Charlie overhears Miles planning to abandon them, because the militia is gunning for him and they'll be safer if he isn't around. The next day, Nate catches up to the group (Charlie had trapped him a while back), and Miles takes him prisoner. Things get complicated, however, when dogs surround them as they try to head off, forcing them to take cover in an amusement park's restaurant. Maggie is captured and stabbed in the leg, severing an artery. Miles goes to try to force the man to call off the dogs while Charlie tries desperately to help Maggie, pleading with her to fight for life. Maggie tries to get the others to go on without her, but when they won't, she begins giving instructions on how they might stitch her wounds. [blah blah. again, Charlie is too "wise beyond her years."] Surprise again, Charlie is kidnapped from inside the restaurant, so Miles and Nate go after her while Nora and Ben operate. Charlie is tied up while the guy booby-traps the room so that Charlie will be shot if a door opens. [that's intense!] Miles and Nate go in, kill the guy, and come to Charlie just as she's rocked the chair enough so the arrow misses her face. [holy cow I thought we were about to have a third injury this episode!] Back at the restaurant, Ben does the best he can, but Maggie lost a lot of blood, and dies thinking of her sons. This causes Miles to stay, for Charlie.
(Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC)
Elsewhere, Danny tells the Captain that there's bad weather coming, and they barely make it to a barn before the storm breaks. [is the kid a budding meteorologist?] Danny picks his handcuffs and escapes out a window, only to be caught 100 yards away. He and the Captain get down into a cellar to escape the storm, and when the ceiling collapses, the Captain guilts Danny into saving him, only to turn on him mere moments later. 

Further away, Monroe talks to Rachel, again asking about Ben's projects before the power went out. She explains that the algebra teacher was working for the Department of Defense, and Monroe wants to know how Ben knew in advance that the power was going out. He brings in a guy to extract her molars, and Monroe tries to guilt her into talking because they'll do the same to Danny. [omg. I can't handle that sort of graphic stuff, so they better not show it!]

Flashbacks for the episode come from Maggie and Rachel. Maggie was in Seattle when the power went out, though her children were in England. She walks all the way to Buffalo, NY, to try and take a boat abroad, but all ships have been taken over or destroyed. After walking the coast and finding nobody who can help her, she walks to Wisconsin to commit suicide by poison. Minutes before her doom, however, Ben finds her and invites her to have a meal with him and his kids. She never leaves his side as his family became her reason to live. [okay, so if the show lasts long-term, maybe we'll see Charlie meet Maggie's kids one day and tell them about her courageousness?] Rachel, on the other hand, recalls leaving her family to go on a months-long "supplies trip," when really she went to see Miles, who promptly handcuffs her as she asks if she'll ever see her children again. [awww. sad. and I wonder if Ben knew the truth?!? plus, this young Charlie looks a LOT like adult Charlie!]
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