Sunday, August 12, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 Roundup

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

We're going to remove the tab for Comic-Con 2012 soon, so I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted all of our coverage in one place could still get it. Tweets, links to posts, and the slideshow of photos are all below! Hang in there until Comic-Con 2013!

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Our Comic-Con 2012 tweets:
5:56pm: And we're in the car! Shooting to be home by 3am. What about you?
5:18pm: Realized that only one of my four shirts got any comments at this year. And it was the only one bought at a mainstream store, lol.
5:13pm: Last stop: getting the car and picking up our bags from hotel storage.
4:08pm: Over at Nerd HQ for our final stop at
3:48pm: Trivia time to get swag bags at
3:44pm: Ron Perlman is the worst at riding the motorcycles.
3:33pm: Between and , nobody cares about cursing today. Poor kids' ears. Not that they should be in here....
3:11pm: Seven minute scene being shown for
3:10pm: Next up:
3:00pm: Clips full of great music jokes for season premiere in October. AND we end with a sweet rap.
2:50pm: Animated Ted might make an appearance at some point on
2:49pm: Kevin Michael Richardson continues to do any voice requests and they're all awesome.
2:42pm: Junior will go thru puberty at some point on
2:35pm: Kevin Michael Richardson just impersonated Obama.
2:34pm: Cecilia will be back several times.
2:31pm: Impromptu song about Comic-Con by Kevin Michael Richardson.
2:30pm: just showed the theme song sung live! And then the duet "Balls Deep"
2:14pm: will actually be starting at least thirty minutes behind schedule.
2:07pm: I highly doubt Hall H will fill up, so head over if you have any interest.
1:54pm: Anyone closer to the front me the Hall H line know why we're not moving at all when was supposed to start 8 min ago.
1:27pm: There are a bunch of pictures of costumes in the latest additions to the slideshow!
1:04pm: Anyone have the schedule for nerd hq today?
12:59pm: Doctor Who is in progress and the current line for Hall H isn't bad so we're gonna hop in that to try for The Cleveland Show.
11:57am: 46 live snakes at the Lucas Films booth!
11:35am: Still loving the floor. Buying art and goodies.
9:59am: Enjoying a wonderful breakfast at Richard Walker's Pancake House while giggling at the tweets from the Hall H line.
12:57am: Saturday's tweets are all on our Comic-Con page now, as well as a TON of photos!
12:24am: what's the one swag item you want to get your hands on before you leave Comic-Con?

10:32pm: it's the poster. RT : Who knows what the yellow 777 ticket is from/for?
8:28pm: That's probably it for tonight, folks. Might hit up a party, but otherwise taking it easy and getting non-con posts up.
8:07pm: For some reason, ended early...
8:02pm: Adam Savage's favorite thing to blow up is a hot water heater.
8:01pm: The STEAM initiative.... Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.
8:00pm: On testing pregnancy myths... Kari says "one of you guys can knock someone up. I'm done."
7:58pm: Some of the most disagreed-with results include splitting arrows, ice bullets, and the plane on the conveyor belt.
7:47pm: wants to do the barrel-over-Niagara-Falls thing, but insurance wouldn't let them.
7:42pm: There was just a huge rush for the question line in
7:39pm: is in 160 countries at this point!
7:37pm: Tory Belleci will appear on Iron Chef!
7:36pm: Kari Byron will host Large and Dangerous Rocketships, where a rocket shaped like Adam Savage will launch.
7:30pm: Jamie Hyneman's favorite episode of ? Whatever the latest one is!
7:27pm: You gotta love it when panelists dress up for . Specifically, Adam Savage.
7:24pm: By use way, went live. Follow them!
7:08pm: Get excited... it's time for
7:06pm: I gotta say ... that pilot makes me reconsider what I think about .
6:57pm: operates with the understanding that insurance adjusters know when people are lying. What do you think?
6:54pm: Swag for is the same pin you can get at their downtown location. Disappointing.
6:53pm: Lights back !
6:51pm: Lights didn't come back after the screening of so we're doing the panel in the dark.
6:04pm: will have some changes before it airs in September.
6:02pm: Who knows what the yellow 777 ticket is from/for?
6:00pm: Time for the screening of
5:51pm: I'd love to give you guys some quotes from but the questions are either weak or the answers are jokes.
5:42pm: In case you were wondering, I've been all over today and nobody has said anything about my shirt. Guess is low on fans.
5:31pm: Kevin Chapman says that people tell him, "hey, I like you on that show. Try not to get shot."
5:24pm: Stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, and Taraji P. Henson are here.
5:12pm: Next up is
5:00pm: In the panel for . Saw a mega- creepy pilot and now hearing from Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, and exec prods.
3:16pm: Anyone have an update on how the line is for 6bcf?
1:41pm: Donating blood at the Omni.
1:27pm: There is a ton of tv stuff downtown today, guys. Bob's Burgers, Grimm, History channel, Science channel, the list goes on!
12:25pm: Get excited for
10:45am: We're at The Neighbors exhibit.
9:32am: We're on the exhibit hall floor now so watch for swag pics on
8:14am: Rocking an obscure shirt today.... let's see if anybody comments at
7:52am: It is highly unlikely that we'll get into ballroom 20 today, so we recommend you check out for updates!
6:08am: woke up to check the lines via Twitter. Looks like it's already the breaking point for H and 20, according to word-of -mouth and pics.

10:48pm: was anyone actually in exhibit hall this morning? I feel like half of tarnation was in lines...
10:39pm: how do you know you stood in line for several hours at ? you killed three phone batteries.
8:20pm: Ballroom 20 Will also be doing playbacks tonight! This means you can still experience the reunion!
7:45pm: This panel is so cool, guys. You can go up and ask about like ten different canceled shows!
7:39pm: Season 2 of FlashForward would go six months ahead instead of nine, season 3 would have gone three months, eventually just days.
7:37pm: would have figured out if the conjugation would have been flashforwarding or flashingforward. Lol.
7:32pm: For Firefly, more back stories would have come into play if the show kept going. -Jose Molina
7:27pm: Watching the end of Dollhouse.
7:21pm: Wendy's apprentice would have been her father.
7:18pm: Room 7AB is uncomfortably warm.
7:16pm: After three episodes me The Middlemen, the goal became to get enough episodes made so they could have a DVD like Freaks and Geeks.
7:10pm: There is an amazing amount of writing talent in the room! "And then what happened"
6:44pm: Time for another line! This time: what might have happened next on series that ended too soon.
6:43pm: Some people are so hardcore they don't just bring apples - they also carry a corer/slicer and peanut butter.
6:31pm: Some people are so hardcore they don't just bring apples - they also carry a corer/slicer and peanut butter.
6:27pm: More cast!
6:13pm: Crazy going on in #Spartacus #sdcc
6:06pm: Just got the swag coupon for #Spartacus #sdcc
6:05pm: They had to start rationing blood at the end of the last season of #Spartacus #sdcc
5:59pm: The series is "historically adjacent." #Spartacus #sdcc
5:55pm: Only three guests in the #Spartacus #sdcc panel. Steven S. DeNight, Manu Bennett, Liam McIntyre
5:49pm: We get a trailer of the final season of #Spartacus #sdcc
5:42pm: Still a little room in #Spartacus #sdcc
5:34pm: Now in Spartacus panel. #sdcc
5:33pm: More awesome clips for Falling Skies! And can't wait to see the swag, hope it's as sweet as last year's hoodie! #sdcc
5:14pm: A "fairly major character" will die this season. #sdcc #FallingSkies

5:10pm: Terry O'Quinn to guest on #FallingSkies in the future! #sdcc
4:54pm: Awesome clips seen in the #sdcc #FallingSkies panel! And surprise guest.... the actress who plays Karen!
4:51pm: Pope is Wil Wheaton's favorite #FallingSkies character. #sdcc
4:45pm: Swag tickets are out for #sdcc #FallingSkies!!
4:44pm: Not close enough to get great pics of #FallingSkies with my phone so will get those up to the slideshow later tonight. #sdcc
4:40pm: Tom and Anne will consummate their relationship! #sdcc #FallingSkies
4:39pm: The smell in 6BCF means someone needs to give out breath mints. #sdcc #FallingSkies
4:36pm: In the #sdcc #FallingSkies panel! Super excited! Not as close as last year but no big.
4:00pm: In line again. #sdcc #FallingSkies
3:55pm: Game of Thrones back March 31st. #sdcc #GoT
3:25pm: We are now receiving a ticket for swag! #sdcc #GoT
3:20pm: Why does the Game of Thrones panel only have one returning member? #sdcc #GoT
3:19pm: Did you know that #GameofThrones shoots in four different countries simultaneously? #sdcc #GoT
3:17pm: Poor little rich kids.... Rose was brought up in a castle in Scotland and she and her siblings locked one another in the dungeon. #sdcc #GoT

3:02pm: We saw clips of season two and video introductions of new characters for next season! #sdcc #GoT
2:52pm: Time for Game of Thrones! #sdcc
2:32pm: Who plays the same clip twice in an hour? What a waste me time. #TheWalkingDead #sdcc
2:25pm: Giveaway of having your head cast as a zombie. #TheWalkingDead #sdcc
2:15pm: Gotta show off my pic of receiving the #fallingskies harness! #sdcc 2:02pm: Walking Dead cast not thrilled about shooting in the air conditioning in Georgia. #TheWalkingDead #sdcc
1:55pm: "Everyone loves a redneck " -Norman Reedus at #TheWalkingDead #sdcc
1:51pm: Flashes going off like crazy in #TheWalkingDead #sdcc
1:44pm: The Walking Dead will be back Sunday, October 14th. #sdcc
1:39pm: Season three of The Walking Dead will feature a prison. Also, they're working on episode six now. #sdcc
1:33pm: #Confession I've never seen a single episode of #walkingdead #sdcc

1:11pm: Walking Dead is next. #sdcc
1:05pm: Well, that was really a huge waste. Can't believe I spent all that time waiting for #bigbang #sdcc
12:53pm: One audience member who asked a question will also get to go to space! #sdcc #bigbang
12:52pm: Astronaut invites Simon Helberg TO SPACE! #sdcc #bigbang
12:47pm: The Lego Death Star was originally supposed to be in a different episode but they needed more time to put it together! #sdcc #bigbang
12:42pm: Everyone in the #bigbang panel asking questions is pre-pubescent. #sdcc
12:33pm: Raj to have a romance storyline! #sdcc #bigbang
12:31pm: Kaley likes Game of Thrones. #sdcc #bigbang
12:31pm: They sang Soft Kitty in a round! #sdcc #bigbang
12:15pm: Johnny Galecki will likely miss panel. Jim Parsons appearing by satellite. #sdcc #bigbang
11:53am: Ready for The Big Bang Theory! #sdcc
11:35am: Kick Ass 2 to begin shooting in September! #sdcc
11:21am: Casey Affleck and Tempest Bledsoe also voices in ParaNorman. #sdcc
11:14am: Don't forget, we're still live- updating the #sdcc slideshow!
11:00am: Kodi can no longer do the voice of Norman! His voice has dropped! #sdcc
10:58am: ParaNorman is a zombie movie for kids! -Director Chris Butler #sdcc 
10:36am: We are inside Hall H! We made it! Now, to sit thru something called ParaNorman.... #sdcc
9:40am: Bailed on Ballroom 20, still in for Hall H. for those interested, 7am got you 3000 people too late to get in. #sdcc
8:02am: We are in line for Hall H and Ballroom 20, so stay tuned to see what we get into!

10:09pm: very weak day for swag.
7:19pm: Finally saw a costumed Batman. Took way longer than last year!
6:46pm: The most satisfying kill that Dexter has made was Trinity.
6:34pm: Some girl asked for an actor's namecard when she asked her question. I hate when people break the rules.
6:08pm: This panel, by the way, is also for , apparently.
6:06pm: I just heard the tune for "Go , Go Power Rangers" as a ringtone.
5:54pm: Next up at is !
5:44pm: By way, the four people on the panel aren't sitting in front of their nametags.
4:43pm: Time to watch some !
4:26pm: Not every episode will be as dark as the pilot.
4:25pm: The crowd seems to love Jay Ryan as the beast.... good thing Terra Nova was cancelled!
4:21pm: Executive producer Jennifer Levin says they got star Kristin Kreuk by using cupcakes.
4:19pm: We just watched the full pilot of Beauty and the Beast. Now for the cast....
3:12pm: Psych's Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unqualified coming February 19, 2013.
3:06pm: Dule's mom called. He put her on speaker for us. 2:54pm: Dule geeked out over Lionel Ritchie. T
2:52pm: Corbin says an alternate career for Henry could be assassin. By pie.
2:46pm: The musical episode of Psych will be two hours. It's partially written and shoots in October.
2:41pm: James and Dule singing. For real.
2:35pm: Who would Kirsten make out with from the cast? Maggie.
2:31pm: Ha! James called out for not having Twitter.
2:24pm: Pineapple juice for the panel!
2:22pm: Love Maggie's dress!
1:54pm: Time for !
1:37pm: We have a few dozen pictures on the slideshow now, with more all the time!
1:22pm: I'm disappointed in the people wearing plain clothing.... you own NOTHING geeky in any way??!?
12:19pm: For those dying for an update: I'm in line for ballroom 20, which starts with in a couple hours. JB is in the Stan Lee panel.
11:25am: Trying to get to the overhead view of the floor? Go to the back wall of exhibit hall, around 1500, out the door and up the escalator.
10:42am: You can have a harness applied and get your own glowing spikes at the booth. Near 2800 exhibit hall.
10:16am: If anyone was wondering, the South Park room holds 20-24 people at a time.
9:46am: The south park area! Near 5200 exhibit hall.
9:30am: We're on the floor and in the room for the upcoming panel on Battle Star! Follow the pictures at
8:47am: The line for exhibit hall!
8:11am: How are you doing? Have your badge? Ready to go? What is your most anticipated event today.

7:42pm: I just saw this running down the road.
6:21pm: are you at Preview Night? if so, what are you loving? If not, what time are you getting up tomorrow?
2:40pm: had to go with our back-up parking location: WallyPark by the airport. use your AAA card!
1:27pm: that in this day and age of allergies everywhere, DoubleTree still doesn't have a nut-free cookie option?
1:24pm: slideshow is a go! #SDCC
12:50pm: Checked in! Of course, room won't be ready for two more hours so needed to drop off bags. Now it's time to ditch the car!
11:15pm: are you going to be at Comic-Con? let us know, maybe we can meet up at some point!
10:47pm: 's reunion special at will be part of the reunion special for the Science Channel!
10:45pm: on our way down to ! we're not far now, get excited!

- - - -
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