Saturday, July 21, 2012

Comic-Con 2012: Schedule Recap

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

While you could probably figure out our entire schedule from the past few Comic-Con posts, I thought you might want some more detail about how I deviated from my original Dream Schedule. So, let's take a look...
Psych - made it.
Elementary - made it.
Dexter - made it.
*What else did I do that day? Picked up my badge and promptly hit Exhibit Hall! Also saw the Beauty and the Beast panel.

My Little Pony - nope.
The Big Bang Theory - made it.
Game of Thrones - made it.
Falling Skies - made it.
"Serialized Shows that Ended Too Soon" - made it.
Aquabats - nope.
"Worst Cartoons Ever!" - nope.
* missed MLP in favor of being in line for Hall H, which allowed me to hit two of the above, plus, panels for ParaNorman and The Walking Dead. I also made it to the Spartacus panel after Falling Skies. I only bailed on Aquabats and "Worst Cartoons Ever" in order to hit the replay of the Firefly panel. And, I abandoned the idea of going to the Sonic Boom 2012 party.

Once Upon a Time - nope.
The Simpsons - nope.
Family Guy - nope.
American Dad - nope.
"Disney Channel TV Animation" - nope.
Person of Interest - made it.
MythBusters - made it.
Masquerade - nope.
*...yeah, the odds weren't looking great for Ballroom 20, so I spent the morning and early afternoon back in Exhibit Hall, down at Petco, around the Gaslamp, at a party, and donating blood. I got into 6BCF for Person of Interest early, so I saw The Following panel beforehand, then stayed for The Revolution between that and MythBusters. Was close to seeing the Masquerade in an overflow room, but went back to the hotel to work on articles instead...

Fringe - nope.
Supernatural - nope.
Doctor Who - nope.
The Cleveland Show - made it.
Sons of Anarchy - made it.
"Harry Potter Fandom in 2012" - nope.
*As I mention in Sunday's recap, the lines for Hall H were phenomenal because of the Doctor Who fans, so I stayed away from that area until the mess was over. I spent the early morning enjoying breakfast for once, then hit downtown and Exhibit Hall a final time. I bounced from heading to the Harry Potter panel to go over to Nerd HQ, just to see what the fuss was about.
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