Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Revolution: Nora Gets Help, Aaron Kills

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This show is getting on my last nerve. I've mentioned before that I don't see it lasting and I originally thought it was a terrible concept, but I thought it would get better after seeing the first couple of episodes. I was wrong... and I'll be dropping it. I'm considering sticking it out for the four episodes left before its four-month hiatus between November 26th and March 25th, but no promises. Aaron was my favorite character and this episode did a lot to discredit his potential, so I'm left without much hope. On a separate note, I thought that the title was incredibly misleading. The previews even made it sound like Drexel was going to have Charlie as "payment," but never was sex really a thing (other than talking about other mistresses), and the only drugs we saw were the penicillin and adrenaline used on Nora. (and we heard about heroin. just HEARD ABOUT IT.) If NBC titled the episode to get viewers, I hope they were just as let-down as I was! 

Revolution "Sex and Drugs" (S02E06): Our foursome take off in a wagon toward Ohio State University, for medical help for Nora's infected wound. After a faux hold-up (Drexel is bitter because after Miles defected, he, too, was seen as a traitor), Drexel agrees to help Miles & Co., with Miles donating his own O- blood to Nora, who is in septic shock. For payment, Miles offers to kill an Irish family up the road, but Drexel wants Charlie to do it, a task she accepts. [what does she have to live for, anyway? She has now torn up her postcards in a depression about losing all of her family.] She goes under the guise that she's one of Drexel's regular girls but he roughed her up, so he has to hit her for effect. After she's on her way there, Drexel tells Miles that the family will surely kill Charlie after she kills the guy, and Aaron asks Miles to go after her, even if it means that he and Nora die. [I love that we're supposed to see Aaron as so selfless at this point, despite what we later learn of his life shortly after the blackout!] Charlie plays the part of a potential informant and gets in to see the patriarch.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Miles work together to kill a handful of armed guards. Miles escapes to save Charlie (though she handles her own and was about to kill the guy when Miles shows up and stops her), while Nora is given adrenaline to wake up, and she and Aaron are told to shoot one another - whomever shoots first is told that they'll live. Nora is confused, and Aaron asks her to shoot him, as Miles and Charlie need her more than they need him. [is he supposed to be the epitome of selfless now??] When she won't, he shoots himself (using a concealed flask as armor), only to wait on the ground until Drexel hovers over him, when he shoots. He negotiates getting out alive, and they meet the others. [how the hell did the guards just let them walk out of there after killing their boss?]

Elsewhere, in Philadelphia, Neville brings Danny to Monroe, and Monroe gets a promotion. Nate tells Monroe that Aaron has the pendant, but Nate then hesitates because Monroe is planning to capture only Miles, killing the rest of the group. Danny is then brought to Rachel, and he's 100% shocked. [yeah, well, I would be, too!]

Flashback: Aaron took his wife out for their anniversary when the power went out. A doctor stumbled upon them and helps with her dysentery. Eight months later, they're attacked in the woods, and the doctor, Sean, saved them again. Then, Aaron feels bad because he can no longer give his wife everything - he can't hunt, make a fire, or keep her safe, so he decides to leave her with the group, saying that he can't protect her and she's better off without him. [this is so freaking ridiculous! I can't even talk about it because it makes me so angry!]
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