Wednesday, October 31, 2012

19 Kids & Counting: July 4th, Fencing, Piano, Michelle's Birthday

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, the time has come. Do you think that we'll see the Duggars go on a second World Tour? Do you want to see them go to China and Japan? I'm not going to lie... I was NOT thrilled with what they did while in England, Ireland, and Israel. Maybe if a smaller portion of the family was going or something it would be better, but that huge herd of people not really understanding or caring about other cultures all around them is a bit disheartening. I know JimBob was angling for more episodes, but I don't know if TLC is going to give them to him or not. If the Asia trip was pre-negotiated, I guess we'll see it, and you'd think that it is because they mentioned it pretty intensely on the show and commercials... but, on the other hand, it could be a nice way to wrap-up and say goodbye to the mega-family in Arkansas!

19 Kids and Counting "Fencing & Fireworks" (S06E25): It's the Fourth of July, so the family heads to a fireworks stand to pick up some goodies. Each person has $7 to spend, so they pick out a wide variety of firecrackers and smoke bombs... plus, JimBob spends quite a bit himself. [I thought it was funny/disturbing he ignored his "buddy" for the day.] Josiah, Justin, and Jordyn went overboard - Josiah has to pay $4 of his own money, but in the end they have over 200 items! [I would have liked a little pop-up about how long it took to light them all!]

A friend of JimBob's has a fencing studio, so the family goes fencing, which most of the children don't comprehend at first. Everyone warms up, though some of the older girls decline, not wanting to mess up their hair or be embarrassed. [boring!] Michelle and Grandma Duggar go at it, and Justin duels with JimBob. 

Jinger plays "Amazing Grace" on two pianos at the same time, her left hand on one and her right on the other.

The family throws a 46th birthday party for Michelle. The theme is "24 Hours of Surprises," and the older girls plus Anna, Grandma, and Cousin Amy go shopping for supplies. [am I making this up? I could have sworn that they had a birthday box for this sort of thing!] The rest of the preparations and the actual party are in the next episode, found below.

19 Kids and Counting "Michelle's Birthday Makeover" (S06E26): Two days before Michelle's birthday, the family talks about putting together a nine-clue scavenger hunt that has Michelle going to different locations, leading to a house party and the announcement that the family is going Japan and China for media interviews. Jana makes cards with the kids and Anna organizes the writing of the clues. The first clue has Michelle shooting at a balloon target, then she and JimBob head off for dinner, in outfits chosen by their daughters. The car is decorated, and the girls even did JimBob's hair a little differently for once. [Michelle liked it! I thought that was funny. and did they even read those post-its on the car?] During dinner, Joseph and Josiah bring flowers and another clue - they're spending the night at a hotel which the girls decorated. [why didn't we get to see their reactions to the room?] The next morning, a bunch of the sons show up as faux-room-service. [cute!] Then, five of the children had to go to the dentist (Josie being the problem child) while Michelle goes to meet cousin Amy and Grandma for custard. [I guess it's early afternoon?] The next clue sends her shopping for a new outfit with Anna, Jessa, and Joy Anna (who would have rather had ice cream as she doesn't do shopping). [why have Joy Anna stationed here??] Next (it's the afternoon now), she goes to a coffee shop to meet Jana, Jill, and Jinger. Then, to a hair salon with her best friend, Cindy. She gets highlights, new makeup, and 6-8" cut off. Plus, they straighten her hair, which scares her. [I think she looks like Grandma!]
She heads home and plays a trivia game - a question is asked and if she gets it right, she gets to pick a letter - if someone has it, they turn around. The letters spell out the news about the trip. [Michelle missed the first question - how old was Josh when he got married? She said 21, but he was 20.]

But, as they're packing for the trip, the youngest bunch, including Mackynzie and Michael, get sick. [the same five who went to the dentist are the sick ones... I also find it odd that a trip like this would be kept from Michelle... it clearly required some advance planning!]
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