Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Switched at Birth: The Verdict, The Job, The Trip

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

A thirty-episode first season is finally complete. Now, we wait until January 7th to see what happens next. I gotta say, first off, that I wasn't as surprised by this episode as the internet marketing wanted me to be... I wasn't "shocked" at any of it (except maybe the monetary award for the Kennishes), and was barely surprised at most of it because of all of the preview scenes that have been airing throughout the week. I actually found the episode to be rather weak, especially toward the end. Think about it... Bay and Daphne talking about going to the same pizza place their whole lives  and they didn't know one another. EXCEPT, Regina knew what Bay looked like, so it probably wouldn't have been all that coincidental after all. And the pregnant woman looking for Angelo? Puh-lease. The looks on the girls' faces screamed "he slept around," when they're jumping to an improbable conclusion, in my opinion. And, "the day before your life changes feels like any other day." While that's almost as cheesy as "today is the first day of the rest of your life," but not as cliche so I kinda liked it. You?

Switched at Birth "Street Noises Invade the House" (S01E30):
Trial: Kathryn is asked if she wrote the book to make money. [interesting question.] She explains that she wrote the book to make sense of the situation, and that the proceeds are going to a children's charity. Then they bring up that Kathryn gave money to a nurse, and she says it was a loan and the right thing to do. The next question is about why she's suing the hospital when discovering the switch was a "blessing." [uh oh...] Kathryn talks about how she was happy to know that the daughter she gave birth to was cared for and that she doesn't want to miss any more of Daphne's life. So, the counsel then asks if she'd go back and want to undo the switch - she says no, because she wouldn't know Bay. [yeah, should've seen this coming...] So, it kinda sounds like Kathryn wasn't all that hurt by what the hospital did, but the jury finds favor for both the Kennishes and Angelo, but for different amounts - John and Kathryn are to receive one dollar while Angelo should get five million! John is happy, though, as it was never about the money, just the hospital being at fault. [think Angelo will share enough money with Regina that she can open her own salon? again?]

Daphne: At work, the restaurant owner asks about her relationship with Jeff - it's suspected that Jeff only promoted her to "garde manger" because she slept with him. [It took me a couple of tries to figure out what was being said so I could even try to find the correct spelling, LoL! But, now that I have it, I found a lovely breakdown of the roles in a professional kitchen, check them out! also, did we know that she was taking birth control pills? Regina doesn't seem surprised.] Daphne denies everything, but because Jeff is worried, she asks Emmett for advice, leading her to decide to just quit her job. Her reasoning is that there will no longer be a conflict of interest between her work and their relationship. [kiddo... this ain't gonna end in marriage so chill out!] Worried that she made things worse, Daphne decides to confide in Regina, but she tells her daughter to break up with the guy and keep the job, furious that Daphne thought she'd "understand" because of her own romantic choices. [not Daphne's worst call, but I don't see how she thought her mother would approve of the relationship!] Daphne goes to Jeff, who has to break it to her that they're not meant to be.
While she's outside crying in her car, Angelo arrives, as Regina had informed him of the situation. Angelo hits Jeff before Daphne (or Regina or Kathryn, who were hot on his tail) can stop him, leading to more tears. In the end, Daphne chooses to cry on Kathryn's shoulder. [I thought Kathryn being able to comfort her daughter was really sweet, ]

Bay: Bay and Zarra drink beer as they talk about Zarra's desire to go to Mexico and join her father in becoming part of a famous artist's installation piece. [I find it so weird that the girls both drink on the show but Toby doesn't. I would've pegged him over either of them, LoL.] Some creeps who were arrested with Zarra come sniffing around the trailer park, looking for blood. Luckily, when Toby shows up to give Bay a bag, the girls run to his car, narrowly getting away from the gang. He drives them back to the Kennish home, where Bay is forced to talk to her parents. [we're not quite sure how long Bay has been at Zarra's, but probably not more than a week or so. loved Regina's shirt!]

The next day, Emmett sees Bay loading her car, claiming to be donating some of her art supplies. In reality, she finds Zarra and they head off toward Mexico, with no set return date. [...are YOU shocked? the only part that bothered me was that they didn't know exactly where they were going - Zarra hasn't heard back from her father.] Bay leaves the money in the car when they stop for gas, so it's stolen, along with her passport. They can't afford a hotel now, so they sleep in the car. That's where John and Emmett find them, as John tracks Bay's cell phone (and Emmett is there because Kathryn thought maybe he'd know something). Bay says that she's not stopping street art. John says they'll figure it out, having realized from Emmett that you have to ask the right questions to figure out what to do. Zarra splits, taking the rest of the money for a bus ticket. [hahaha, bet we'll never hear from her again!] Emmett rides with Bay back home.
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