Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two and a Half Men: A Proposal & the Aftermath

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This season of Two and a Half Men doesn't look all that promising. In fact, Jon Cryer is the only reason to watch this show anymore, what with Charlie dead, Rose MIA, Jake off to boot camp, and Evelyn not getting air time. Don't get me wrong, Jon Cryer is awesome - he just won the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, after all - but that's just not enough. I was a bit wary on continuing to cover this show as last season dragged on, but now I know that I'm over it. So, this is likely the final recap you'll see about Two and a Half Men, unless I write about it in a holiday roundup or something. The two episodes below aren't amazing, they're just... there. Walden proposes to Zoey, she says "no," and he becomes depressed about it. Oh, and we see Jake (who seems to have caused a jeep accident) Skype with Alan. I did like the change in the theme song to include Jake's new look (fatigues), but otherwise this seems like a boring continuation of last season's shallow jokes and weak shenanigans. 

Two and a Half Men "I Changed my Mind about the Milk" (S10E01): Walden proposes to Zoey on her birthday, but she bursts into tears and runs out of the restaurant, saying that she can't. ["wearing my pen!s down to the nub" was awful! oh, rich people.... fireworks at the click of a button. and who is the guitarist?]

Meanwhile, Alan panics about where he'll live when Zoey moves in, and all Evelyn has to say is that if he becomes homeless, to try to pick a street in Beverly Hills so she can visit. [haha!] When Walden comes home drunk (thanks to Michael Bolton), Alan drives him to Zoey's so he can find out why she won't marry him... turns out, there's someone else (Dick) from her past. ["why didn't you just shack up with my loser friend?" hahaha.] Alan tries to comfort Walden, who considers becoming partners with Alan, up until a pre-nup is mentioned. [odd.] A woman shows up at the bar and distracts Walden, they get high, and she resembles Zoey enough that he sleeps with her. [um, ok, whatever.]

Two and a Half Men "A Big Bag of Dog" (S10E02): Zoey is already showering with another man, so Walden is put on edge, especially because he'd like to go to Ava's birthday party but doesn't want to be awkward. Walden asks Alan to park his car on the street from now on, because it's leaking something. But, after Alan finds parking under a bridge and birds get to it, he complains and Walden agrees to wash, detail, and put oil in it. [what? how did that work out??] Then, Walden gets upset at a ketchup bottle and spills it on Alan, which causes Alan to answer the door in his underwear because Walden made him take off his clothes for washing. [again, odd. I thought it was funny that Berta was willing to let Alan back into the house until she heard that he didn't have clothes on!] But, Alan isn't the only one on whom Walden is taking out his aggression... Billy says that he had sex with Walden's ex-wife, so Walden freaks out on him at the office before locking himself in his bedroom for days while he builds a dream house of Legos.

Alan gets Walden a box of teeth whitener and Walden says to put it in "the Zoey room," which is the bathroom plastered with photos of the Londoner. [holy moly!] Alan decides to ask Robin, Billy, and Berta to stage an intervention, but Walden apologizes, throws away the Legos and photos, and proceeds to freak out over a barking dog on the beach. It's a Great Dane who promptly tears apart the living room, so Walden decides to gift him to Ava, angering Zoey. [meh.]
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS
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