Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Partners: Wyatt Comes to Work for Joe and Louis

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This was okay. Just okay. Nothing special. Nothing memorable. A few funny moments here and there. But, overall, I'm not sure that this was a good move for the series. It's already on pins and needles by a lot of ratings standards, so a blase episode where nothing happens and is entirely self-contained (as Ro-Ro should be back soon) probably has nothing to make viewers keep coming. I'm starting to lose my flair for the comedy as well... it just seems like it's trying too hard.

Partners "Temporary Insanity" (S01E06): Ro-Ro is on vacation for two weeks, so the guys have to hire a temporary secretary. [are we ever going to get a more formal name for that character? between her and Rocky over at The New Normal, assistants are just a little janky this season...] Ro-Ro is a pretty bad secretary as it is, so replacing her shouldn't be too difficult. Louis thinks that Wyatt should be the temp, as the nurses are on strike right now. Joe disagrees, but Louis hires his boyfriend anyway. [of course he does.] Wyatt is great, organizing phone messages, cleaning the desks, and ordering lunch for the guys. Louis starts regretting it, though, when Wyatt is bossy about what Louis can eat for lunch and blocks pages on his computer. [haha!] But, Wyatt makes little people for the architects' model, so Joe is happy about the situation. Of course, Louis still manages to force Joe into firing Wyatt. [I love it and I hate it.] That night at home, Wyatt is sad that he and Louis can't spend the entire day together anymore, so Louis tells Wyatt the truth and apologizes, and Wyatt returns.
Darren Michaels/Warner Bros
In other news, Nate and Jordy have moved into the building and have a potluck lunch to get to know the others. [I like those guys and am glad that they might recur, but that stinginess factor ain't working for me.] Elsewhere, Ali is planning a party for her launch, and though Louis hired a cater/waiter from their gym class, the guy managed to break both of his hands. So, Joe outsources Louis to Ali for the trouble he caused at the office.
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