Thursday, November 8, 2012

South Park: Why Obama was Re-elected

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This episode was really confusing. I had to pause and re-watch multiple scenes to figure out what was happening. I'm not sure if this is one of those episodes where Matt Stone & Trey Parker have so many scenes that everything gets trimmed or what, exactly, happened here... but, in a nutshell, Obama asks the Chinese to help him win the election. In exchange, they want the rights to LucasFilms because they're afraid of what Disney will do to the Star Wars films. The Chinese hire Cartman to go steal a bunch of ballots from the swing states. When the Chinese and Obama meet with Cartman to get those ballots, the boy asks to portray Luke Skywalker's son in the next set of films, but the Chinese won't agree to that so Cartman disappears. Mickey wants Disney to keep the rights, so he strikes a deal with Cartman. While all of this is going on, Kyle decides to track down the ballots himself, and he figures out where they are at the same time the Chinese do. Cartman meets them there and everyone decides that, if Romney won like he was "supposed to," Star Wars would be in a worse place. They burn the evidence, realizing that Obama is the best choice to keep the integrity of the series. For more details, keep reading.

South Park "Obama Wins!" (S16E14): Cartman goes to the Colorado polls and pretends that he lost his mother. In North Carolina, he pulls the same thing, then in Citrus County, FL, then Ohio, then Las Vegas, Nevada. The day after after the election, Cartman invites Kyle to see his stolen ballots from the swing states (including Wisconsin and Virginia). Kyle goes to the police to report voter fraud, and the police enter his home without a warrant...  but the ballots are gone.

China calls Obama, as America owes a favor in return for "help" in getting Obama elected again. Cartman goes out to eat with the Chinese at Red Lobster, and Obama arrives. Turns out, LucasFilms becoming part of Disney was something that the Chinese wanted in on, as Morgan Freeman explains. [he earns freckles every time he explains something, by the way.] Well, Cartman wants to play Luke Skywalker's son in the newest movies, but those terms are not being met.
photo credit: COMEDY CENTRAL
Meanwhile, Kyle wants to find the missing ballots, so he blackmails Butters (who is extremely swollen and in the hospital because of an allergic reaction) into explaining Cartman's plans. But nobody can understand him except Kenny and Timmy, who reiterate and are understood as usual. [first of all, the allergic reaction thing seemed to be a little unnecessary, but I did laugh at the misunderstanding Butters but not Kenny. also, Romney as a duck?]

Mickey Mouse shows up in a Star Wars spaceship and lectures Cartman, who asks again for a role in Star Wars. Mickey doesn't care, so he gives Cartman what he wants. The kids figure out that a Hummer Dealership would be a place nobody would ever look, and they arrive there the same time as the Chinese dictators. Plus, Cartman arrives on a ton-ton, bringing the police. [yeah, I just had to look up what that creature was...] Freeman explains that the Chinese care more about the franchise than Disney does. Everyone thinks about the question, "what's more important - that the right man is elected President or that Star Wars is with the people who will protect it most?" Everyone decides to cover up the incident, lighting the ballots on fire. Romney could not be the President - he'd be stricter on the Chinese.
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