Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 Broke Girls: The Shop is Open and Johnny is Back

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm still not thrilled that the girls have managed to open their cupcake shop so soon, but I'm sure we'll see more hijinks now that there's a new location besides the diner and the little apartment. I mean, Caroline's avoiding her Wharton buddies is bound to be pure gold for laughs! Plus, Han not being able to get into the party was hilarious, take a look at the picture below! My husband and I both groaned at the prospect of Johnny returning to the show, but I'm pretty thankful that it seems he was short-lived. As happy as he seems to make Max, I don't like him and I don't like how they are together. Of course, that could be because, as they put it, they're better when Johnny is actually with someone else.

2 Broke Girls "And the Big Opening" (S02E10): [who doesn't know how to play "Marry, Sleep with, or Kill"??] Caroline gets people to donate their time to help Max's Cupcakes open by pretending that they're holding a benefit for eczema, undescended testicles, etc. [haha. could have gone farther with that, I think. Andy not listening to Caroline's demand that he wear a suit was interesting.] Max invites seven of her ex-boyfriends, intending to rub her success in their faces. [I thought it was interesting that the show decided to mention that Max did not invite her mother because the woman believes Max to have committed suicide two years ago.] Robbie shows up, says that he needs to make amends [ha! "almonds"] because he's an alcoholic, and that he used to cheat on her daily and steal from her whenever they had sex. [how tragic!] Johnny arrives, hits on Max, and says that he never married his fiance because she wasn't the one for him. [that gumball scene was unimpressive.]
Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.
Johnny winds up spending the night with Max and becomes the cupcakery's biggest customer. ["the ballz" ?? that's a phrase now?] Of course, instead of selling 70 per day like they need to, the girls have only sold four (all to Johnny) in the first three days. Max realizes that she and Johnny aren't great in the current circumstances, so he's out.

Also, Sophie leaves for Poland because she received a fax that her dream house is complete. She's planning to be gone for a month and believed the cupcakery grand opening to be a goodbye party for her. [she lost a ball and chain inside herself? and thinks that she should have tied a string to it? omg.]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $5,328.00 [$2,000 on the party?]

2 Broke Girls "And the Silent Partner" (S02E11): Business is still slow, so they let an elderly lady negotiate them from $4 to $3 for a cupcake. [um, $4 is a lot. even in NYC. I won't even pay $2.50 for a cupcake unless it's a special occasion.] Plus, there's some confusion over whether Sophie's $20,000 was a gift or a loan, though Caroline is determined to keep everyone believing that it was a gift. To cheer their depressed friend (Sophie is back early from her Polish trip because her contractor ripped her off) Max decides to make Sophie a silent partner to brighten her day. [the comments to Sophie's grooming were a bit much. and Max only earned $27 in tips in eight hours? boo.] But, "silent" isn't just monetary for her - she adds a chandelier and starts selling hoagies, scratch-offs, Fresca, and pickled eggs to draw business.

Caroline is really unhappy about how things are going, but before she can confront Sophie, one of her old business school peers shows up, as she works in the area. Caroline lies, claiming to own a cupcake empire at age 25. [what else would you expect her to say?] When she leaves, Sophie suggests that Max and Caroline dress up as cupcakes and hand out samples, which humiliates them. [LoL. my brother had a job where he had to wear a costume and wave by the road. not the best.] Luckily, Sophie soon has to try doing it, too, and isn't thrilled.

In a separate storyline, CandyAndy is planning to tell Caroline that he is in love with her, but Max tells him that he needs to come up with a romantic setting for that. [he already loves her??] He thinks about playing a song for her outside her apartment with a boombox or sharing cocoa and a hotdog on the ice rink of Central Park, but he settles for saying it when he's on the toilet and she's stuck in the doorway dressed as a cupcake. [oh, television!]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $3,328.00. [another month's rent was due already?]  
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