Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cake Boss: Carousel, Law Cake, Football Foundation

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Not a lot of family drama in this batch of episodes, so that was nice. I would have liked to see more of the making behind the carousel cake, especially with the carving of the top part and such. I get kinda tired of seeing the same pranks over and over on this show - I understand that it's a fun work environment, but it's getting old. I also don't understand why we get two minutes of renovation every other episode... why can't we have a special that catches us up on the renovations and maybe shows the celebration cake being put together for the re-grand opening or whatnot?

Cake Boss "Twirls, Whirls and Crashes" (S05E24): The family is in Atlantic City hitting up the rides and such on the Steel Pier, and Buddy is asked to make a cake that replicates the carousel, as that's the oldest ride there. [the mini ones blew up over the past few years, so this should be interesting.] Ralph makes a mold around a toy horse so that they'll be able to make horses without sculpting them, but it's a slow process because the legs are fragile. Plus, the structure for the carousel is causing some obstructions, so the crew also needs to solve that problems. [I didn't like how all of the horses were in the same position, though... I feel like real carousels have the horses doing different things - galloping and whatnot.] The cake winds up being too heavy for the motor, so they have to take it apart again and put in a new motor. [that sucks.] However, when they transport the cake, it looks like a massacre took place in the van. It was so damaged that they couldn't fix it in the two hours they have before the event begins. Buddy calls the bakery and tries to have more cake FLOWN IN (the bakery is a 2.5-hour drive away). Buddy then offers to do a bigger cake in the future, free of charge. [I wanna see that one, too. also, if Joey and Mauro were there, was Buddy yelling at Maurizio? That's his only other "brother-in-law" at the bakery that I know of...]
And, some big renovations are happening with the wallpaper, shelves, floors, and display case glass. 

Cake Boss "Players, Lawyers, and Pranksters" (S05E25): Carlo's has been making cakes for the NY Giants football team all season, but this focuses on a cake for the coach's charity foundation. [31 is Buddy's lucky number because it was his dad's birthday. an odd way to choose that sort of thing, I think. Though, my first lucky number was based on my parents' PO Box #, so nevermind...] When they deliver the cake, the guys play a bit on the practice field, and Buddy makes a 20-yard field goal attempt. Trying a 30-yarder, however, showed that he fell short. [interesting to see the football players help carry in the cake to see how heavy it is!]

Friends of the family are celebrating a lawyer becoming President of the Bar Association in Essex County, so Carlo's makes a surprise cake that features a briefcase, some law books, and the Lady Justice. [I thought that this was a great cake! not too fancy and easy to cut.]

Marissa is tired of getting pranked, so she plans to get intern Gabby to help her dump flour on some of the guys. They miss and Danny helps the guys retaliate by telling them to dump diluted coffee and a flour-sugar mixture when the girls are hosing down the deck. [mean of Danny, but I also think that Anthony was a little off by saying Marissa doesn't have enough tenure to prank yet.]
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StampinPenguin said...

Why do they try to transport huge fragile cakes pre-assembled? Why not put them together after transporting? It would definitely lower stress.