Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Passes, Kailyn in Texas, Jenelle Sick, Leah Wonders

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Seeing Chelsea work on toilet training with Aubree was kinda interesting, so I hope that we get more of that progress. Kailyn's big thought about moving to Texas, however, I don't think will work. I understand that she has no support system left in Pennsylvania, but I don't see Jo's family being cool with Isaac being halfway across the country for any period of time. Jenelle is trying to get her life together by returning to her bi-polar medication, but the side effects aren't really working out for them. I don't know what I think about Leah's predicament at the moment - on the one hand she and Corey really could have tried harder to stay together. On the other, it seems that she just wants to move on... if she's cheated on Corey several times already, it really makes sense that she wants somebody different.

Teen Mom 2 "Caught in the Middle" (S03E07): It seems to be October for Jenelle, and nobody else really gave a reference point.

Chelsea: She's taking her GED tests for Reading and Social Studies, but she has to look nice first, because "you never know where you'll meet your future husband!" [cue the eye rolls!] She calls her dad when she opens the results, and learns that she passed both - 84% in reading and 66% in social studies. [I didn't like all that "mommy's so smart" stuff... 66% is terrible.] She's worried about the upcoming math and science exams, but after those are over her troubles should go down - Daddy has agreed to pay for her expenses while she's in beauty school, so no part-time job to distract her! [he's an enabler at this point. I am pretty sure that I've been rolling my eyes at how easy he makes things for her, but this is ridiculous.] She's ready to potty-train Aubree, so she buys a potty and makes a chart to award stars.

Kailyn: She drops off Isaac at Jo's for the weekend and she flies to Texas. [little plane!] Her cousin talks about really loving Texas, so Kailyn considers moving there. Kailyn and her cousin ride a mechanical bull, then she hangs out with her half-sister. [they ride it together??]
photo by MTV
Jenelle: She's on her medication again but is still having mood swings. It's also making her sick, so she blows off a family fun day, though Josh still wants to go with Jace, Barbara, and Barbara's current boyfriend. [the scene with Jenelle in bed while Barbara yells at her was almost painful to watch.] In fact, things are so out-of-control for Jenelle that she's thinking about quitting school for the semester. [again. you know, she just loves to keep paying for the same courses!] Also, even though Josh has started to annoy Jenelle (he's immature), she still wants to have Jace overnight. [Barbara better say no. If she can't get out of bed and be around her son with others, how will she do it alone? we've seen multiple times that she flips on a minute's notice.] Jenelle does, however, take Jace to pick out a pumpkin. 

Leah: She tells Jeremy that she's been thinking about Corey, then listens to Corey explain how he misses how things used to be and that he might still love her. It's been six months since they separated and realize that maybe their relationship is cyclic. [hahaha. seriously?] But, at the same time, he's scared to jump back in again.
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