Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RETURNING: Switched at Birth: Changes Ahead for Bay

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Bay's new ambition not to be in the bottom 10% of her class was a bit baffling. First, I didn't realize that she was doing all that badly... I assumed she was a B/C student, not a C/D student. And, though John and Kathryn clearly think that Bay isn't trying hard enough, the cheating scandal immediately surfacing with NO EVIDENCE AT ALL made the whole scenario a bit extreme. Bay getting up early to work on projects is one thing, but skyrocketing to a getting an A on a French exam made a little less sense. Of course, now that it seems she'll be heading over to Carlton, her academics will undoubtedly change. With that, we're seeing an odd switch... Daphne has already been taking some classes at Buckner, so it's almost as if the ladies are switching schools now. Of course, Daphne is much more career-minded and is probably going to start using that food truck a good deal, but I think we're building Bay to find herself a hobby that is outside of art. Now, whether she'll get back with Emmett in the process is the big question...

Switched at Birth "The Door to Freedom" (S02E01): There's a new mandate at Buckner for a graffiti-free environment, so Bay isn't allowed to park her car in the school lot. Then, as soon as she gets into the building, she's called into the office for allegedly cheating in French class. Bay asks Angelo to come to the hearing and speak in French to show that she improved by practicing with a fluent speaker. [I was surprised that John and Kathryn did not attend the honor board hearing.] Still, she wonders if it would be better to be at Carlton instead, as they're beginning a new pilot program for hearing students.

Fresh off of being awarded five million dollars, Angelo decides to buy a bunch of gifts for the family, including a vintage car for himself, a framed letter from Friedo Kahlo to Diego for Bay, a cappuccino machine for Kathryn, a food truck for Daphne, jewelry for Adriana, a recording session at a studio for Toby, and a talking telescope for John. [that was the one gift I didn't follow... does John have an interest in astronomy that I missed?] Oh, and he's also having a home built for himself and Regina.
Toby hears Angelo have a conversation with a pregnant woman and learns that he's reluctantly expecting. Angelo wants a DNA test and for Toby to keep quiet, but he tells Bay, who immediately confronts her birth father about abandoning another life. [I thought she took a pretty mature stance, all things considered.]

Travis opens up to Daphne about his family likely giving him the boot when he turns 18, but she ignores him to text Jeff. [this is getting annoying!] When she goes to meet him, he says that he's on probation so he's not a great reference and that they can't be friends, so she shouldn't text him. [finally. maybe we're burying this!] Later, Travis comes to see her, but she tells him to leave her alone - they're never going to get together. At school, she's preoccupied and doodling in her Deaf Studies course, which she has to take because she has yet to fill her seventh period class with a job. [no surprise.] Melody, the instructor, tells her that she can't throw away opportunities because deaf people don't get them very easily. [I really liked Melody explaining everything to her, especially the part about disrespecting the people who fought for deaf rights.] Daphne goes to talk to Travis and takes him to eat waffles in her food truck. [so is she about to just work for herself as her seventh period assignment?]

Kathryn and John play golf with some old friends, and they are asked to help persuade someone to run for Senate. But, neither are thrilled with that potential candidate, and Kathryn decides to run. Unfortunately, everybody would rather back John, who is not interested. [I think this storyline could really go somewhere!]
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