Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Go On: Ryan King Vs. Shaun White

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

First of all, I do not find Rachel McAdams attractive. Therefore, I was pretty left out of the early conversation in the group. Secondly, they need another space in their credits between "as" and the character's name. At first I thought the character's name was "Ashannah." Yeah, my bad. Next, just after Ryan complains about Carrie's "housewives show," he tells her to "go vote." At first, I was wondering if, perhaps, this episode was originally meant to air in November. But, then the New Year's dolls came into play, so I was even more confused. Was it a women's lib comment? I really need an explanation on that one.

Go On  "GOOOOAAAALLLL Doll!" (S01E13): In group, Yolanda passes out Japanese goal dolls, where you write a goal on the bottom and draw on a single eye. The one-eyed doll looks mean until you complete the goal and fill in the other eye. [creepy?] Ryan wants his goal to be going on a first date. [but he seemed overly open about his awkwardness, almost even out-of-character.] Yolanda's goal will be to make a good impression on her new colleagues, ass she's starting at the hospital where Sonia works. Well, her "party girl" facade works well until she's asked to take a drug test. If she passes, it will ruin her reputation. [I kinda wanted to see what the next step was going to be here, LoL.] Several other group members also satisfy their goals within a week or so, and Lauren worries that everyone is putting too much emphasis on the dolls and nothing else. [was that an iCarly reference??]

Ryan picks on Carrie for watching a trashy girly show, then admits that he likes girl stuff but used to blame it on Janie. [LoL.] Carrie and Ryan have girly drinks, watch reality TV while drinking wine, do online makeovers, make bead necklaces, and even play a dance video game. Soon they're watching reality shows in the breakroom while eating salads. [that got intense pretty quickly!] It's not long, however, until Ryan sees an advantage in having Carrie as a BFF. See, her friend, Hannah, visits the station, distracting both Ryan as well as his interviewee of the day, Shaun White. [Shaun White's character, by the way, allegedly has a goal doll for writing a medieval fantasy novel, if you can believe that!]
Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC
Carrie reluctantly gives Ryan Hannah's number, not thinking her friend would give him a chance. [love how Shaun keeps flipping his hair!] Ryan gets nervous on the date, but she thinks he's cute. Not cute enough to see again, however, and she calls it off via text. [I am so happy texting wasn't a thing when I was dating!] Ryan asks Carrie to be his pity-date to a gala event, but Lauren convinces him to ask Hannah for another chance. He even disrupts Hannah's date with Shaun White to demand a second chance. [haha, "no gold medals and brown hair."] But, Ryan didn't tell Carrie, so she's a bit upset that she got all dressed up and did her hair and whatnot. Ryan doesn't see the big deal but the group makes him apologize. He even gives Carrie some fancy slippers, but she demands he put on a tux to show her a good time, even if they just watch TV and eat cookie dough. [I was disappointed that Carrie didn't at least demand dinner someplace!] To come through for Carrie, Ryan actually has to cancel on Hannah, who wants to sleep together before leaving for Milan in the morning. [not sure I'm happy that he went with Carrie, actually.]
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