Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The New Normal: Bryan Vs. David Vs. Shania

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Did they seriously put Shania in the crib?? Did Rocky really go crazy with demands during the first week she was attempting to fulfill the producer's duties? Did David really forget that it was Saturday while he was watching Shania? I thought that these were all pretty thoughtless areas for the show... I think the writers could do better. I'm also rather amused that Jane is clearly around (having a job now and all) but noticeably absent from this episode. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to completely ride her from the comedy, but this on-again, off-again attitude with the character is a bit strange. Early projections suggest that NBC will renew this series, but most people I talk to aren't taken with it, so we'll have to see. After watching the guys try to care for Shania, are you excited to see them with a baby of their own and the hijinks that will inevitably ensue?

The New Normal "Stay-at-Home Dad" (S01E13): Bryan and David eleven interview potential nannies and hate all of them, so they begin to wonder if they should just plan on one of them being the primary caretaker for their child. But, both want to stay home. So, they decide to give Goldie a week at a spa in Arizona and practice their child-rearing skills with Shania. [I think that an 8-year-old and a newborn are like apples and oranges.] On their first night, however, Bryan lets Shania stay up late as they watch My Strange Addiction, and then she has trouble sleeping. Bryan tells her a story and changes the mobile (it's casting a strange shadow on the wall), but in the morning he struggles again, packing her an avocado, a club soda, and a wheel of brie for lunch. [what adult even wants that combo?] When he drops off Shania at school, some mothers ask him to make decorations for an event the next day, and he gladly accepts. [uh oh. over-extending himself so soon??] Next thing you know, he can't get the washing machine to start and Shania got sick at school, so he must cater to her whiny whims overwhelming him. [yeah, sick kids are not my fort, either.] He begs David to try, but he just goes overboard trying to make it an awesome day. [good for him, though.] He has to entertain Shania until her only activity of the day, a 3pm party, which he winds up hosting because of an emergency PTA meeting. [how did all of the other parents get the change of address at the last minute? I think all of the spontaneity involved in being a 21st-century parent will kill me someday.] David struggles with all of the girls and their Princess Party as they want to do different activities and go through his stuff. [why didn't he just confine the party to a room or two?] 
Photo by: Adam Taylor/NBC
After the crazy day, Bryan and David go back to interviewing nannies as Goldie comes home early, knowing that the guys would struggle. She tells them that raising a kid is hard but you figure it out as you go. [another terrifying idea. I'm not a fan of the fact that parenting isn't a by-the-book process.] Goldie lets the guys have Shania for one more day, and they use teamwork to make it a success. [good for them!]

While all of this was going on, Rocky laughs at the idea of Bryan staying at home, but it means she'll get to produce in his absence, and that's her dream. He lets her give it a go, and though she goes crazy with over-the-top demands, the episode went well and she's promoted. [not sure how this will change the dynamic of their relationship, but good for her anyway! It might even help to teach the general public what a producer does...]
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