Friday, January 25, 2013

Hot in Cleveland: Joy's Younger Man, Emmett's Divorce

by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Yep, Joy dated an 18-year-old during this episode. Rather crazy, especially when you consider she's not just 36 and double his age... At least Wilbur wasn't present to witness such a thing, even if he wouldn't recognize the situation! Seriously, though, all of the plots in this episode was pretty funny. None were hilarious, but all made me laugh. Emmett is still married... but so is Victoria/Joy. Joy is dating someone barely legal. The mailman has turned to the comfort of Elka and Melanie as his wife has left (for the weekend). With only a few episodes left before the break, I'm predicting something major for Victoria, not a whole lot for Melanie, Joy resorting to cheating, and the cliffhanger will be related to Elka. Thoughts?

Hot in Cleveland "The Conversation" (S04E09): Victoria learns that Emmett is still married, having never signed some divorce papers five years ago. Elka points out that Victoria and Joy are still technically married as well. [Remember that time Joy and Victoria got married? I had forgotten, and, apparently, so had they.] So, Victoria tries to get Emmett's wife's boyfriend to push the divorce, but he doesn't want to, as that would give him less luxury and force him into commitment. [ha!] It doesn't matter, however, as the wife signed the papers... Emmett didn't. Victoria confronts him, and after he admits that he knew she spied on him in Venice, he presents her with signed paperwork. [and, for some reason, agrees to make an appearance on his ex-wife's new show, True Housewives of Tampa-St. Pete.]

When the mailman comes by, he mentions that his wife left him, so Melanie and Elka try to comfort him. Meanwhile, Joy finds out that her biology tutor, Lloyd, is only 18 years old... though she's been intimate with him already. [finding out because he can't legally order wine was hilarious. and shocking!] See, he graduated from high school at age 11 and med school at 16. [haha that he didn't get the Doogie Howser reference!] Things get worse as he mentions she was his "first," and that he loves her. She considers using commitment to push him away, but goes with "I'm already married" in the end. [haha at the guy's younger brother being an attorney! and, whoa at the Say Anything fake-out.] Fortunately, the mailman (who spent the entire weekend at the house) sets him up with his daughter, with whom his wife spent the weekend. [who lets a situation like that get so misconstrued?] 
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