Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Middle: New Neighbors; Wrestlerettes Return

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I watched the episode and was still a little confused about the title, "The Friend." The storyline that stuck out to me was Sue's, which was definitely not about friendship. Then, there's Axl's, in which he realizes that his relationship with Cassidy is nothing but physical. That could be construed as a "friend" thing, but not really. Only after that did I remember that Frankie spent the episode trying to make a neighborhood friend for Mike. So, I thought about the reason why that didn't really register with me as the reason for the title... despite the fact that Frankie doesn't think of Mike as very social, he's an introverted guy who prefers to keep to himself. Not the hermit that his father is, but not the socialite that she dreams of being sometimes, either. I don't see that changing, so the entire plotline was fleeting. It's a shame in a way, but the Frankie part at the end was especially funny. I'm not sure what's going to happen with Axl, but Sue certainly stood her ground and made a difference in her own life, and I think that will lead to some interesting future issues for her and the Wrestlerettes.

The Middle "The Friend" (S04E13): Frankie brings some new neighbors, Jeff and Colleen potato chips. [first of all, who does that?? she didn't even make the chips! second, I was giddy for a second there when I saw that Andrea from Beverly Hills, 90210 is Colleen!!] She asks Jeff to befriend Mike, and they go to a bar to watch sports. They hit it off, but once Jeff mentions that Frankie asked him to host, Mike gets upset. [Jeff should have kept his mouth shut.] Frankie tries to fix the situation but Mike catches her calling Jeff. So, she calls Colleen but winds up leaving 5+ voicemails to clarify herself, obviously killing the friendship(s). 

Sue is excited for Wrestlerettes, but the cheerleaders have decided that they're going to pick up cheering for that sport, too. Sue tries to explain that Wrestlerettes already exists but the girls don't listen to her. [I know the writers exaggerate these scenes, but the length to which people ignore/misunderstand Sue is heartbreaking sometimes!] So, at a school assembly, the Wrestlerettes and the cheerleaders have a cheer-off, and though the cheerleaders are clearly superior, Sue and her team do get some applause amidst the laughs, winning the spot.  [I don't understand how the administration stood idly by, I assume they also ignored Sue and we just didn't see those pleas?]
Axl and Cassidy have been making out around the Heck house. When they go to have an actual conversation, however, Axl feels inferior and asks Brick to tutor him in "smart people stuff." Axl then asks Cassidy if it bothers her that they don't talk, and she says no, though he wants a fuller, meaningful relationship. [maturing all at once! gotta make sure he doesn't mess up and take WeirdAshley to Prom and all...]
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