Saturday, January 26, 2013

1600 Penn: Meet DB, Father of Becca's Baby

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I was a bit surprised that Skip wanting to become a magician was such a short-lived plot point. I thought that, with the references to his tricks throughout the episode, the career would come alive again. Maybe in a future episode? Also, I continue to be disappointed without Marigold and Xander in the episodes. Why even bring up a specific plot point about either child (Marigold having a crush on a girl in her class) if they're going to be relegated to the sidelines for the bulk of the series? I mean, how is young Xander ever going to come up with something to steal the spotlight from his screw-up older brother or his pregnant-in-college older sister? If Marigold's sexual curiosity can't get attention, I'm not sure what will. Overall, I'm kinda getting sick of this show. It is scheduled to have thirteen episodes, but after another couple I'll be re-evaluating whether I want to stay with it... what about you?

1600 Penn "Meet the Parent" (S01E04): Dale had the father of Becca's baby tracked down, and the Secret Service brings him in from Old Navy, where he works. [hahaha, yeah, okay, "the Navy."] "DB" wasn't aware that Becca was the First Daughter, so he's a bit surprised for a while. [hahaha!] He proposes without being sure of her name, but she turns him down and says she doesn't want him in her life, even after Skip tries to help DB by setting up a lunch for the pair. DB gives Becca a 20% off card as he leaves, but she decides to go after him, apologizing and saying that they should get to know one another. He even has lunch with the First Family. [where Marigold and Xander are nowhere to be found...]
Photo by: Byron Cohen/NBC
The Austrian Chancellor arrives, and Emily is worried about etiquette at each step of the way. She thinks she knows what she's doing until she winds up ignoring the Austrians' request to dine on specific dinnerware that was a gift from their country years earlier. She winds up breaking the dishes and the only way to help the situation is to set-up the Chancellor to break a chair but act like it was George Washington's, then explaining that bad things sometimes happen. [RIDICULOUS!]
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