Friday, January 11, 2013

Hot in Cleveland: Wilbur's Christening & Elka's Painting

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What was that name Joy's mother calls her? Rejoyla? I don't know that I've ever heard it before. Anyway, though I appreciated the atypical convention this episode took with its flashbacks, I wasn't overly thrilled with the episode. Elka's "artwork" seemed to be a bigger deal in the promos, so I wasn't thrilled to see the monkey heads. Though I did find it amusing that she did the paintings throughout the house. My dad did oil painting-by-numbers when I was a little girl, though the only one I remember now was a nature scene with a blue jay. I thought that the diet candy vignettes felt forced after a couple, especially after Elka pointed that out to Melanie. I got a good laugh out of Melanie admitting to turning back the dial on Victoria's scale, though! Overall, I hope that Joy's mother doesn't return too often, but I would like to get more of Owen. What did you think of this one?

Hot in Cleveland "Magic Diet Candy" (S04E07): Owen and Joy decide to have Wilbur christened at the church where Elka is on the restoration board. But, the fresco is being fixed too slowly for Elka's liking, and she decides to finish it herself, though the face looks like a monkey.
Meanwhile, Owen soon spills the truth to Joy's mother, unable to remember all of the lies that she had planned for him. [though my sister and I often make sure we're on the same page about a story, we've never had to type up a list of specifics to talk to our mother, LoL.] To further anger the woman, Owen is protestant, so a priest isn't doing the baptism. Plus, rather than use a heritage gown, Wilbur wears a simple onesie. On the flip side, Joy's mother admits that the guy who got Joy pregnant wanted to marry her, but she didn't let that happen. [I was surprised that it didn't take longer for them to make up.]

The ladies are all tired of how much Victoria talks about Emmett, so Melanie pretends to be testing "magic diet candy," though it's really just a caramel. Melanie feeds them to Victoria to shut her up until he actress gains five pounds. [in theory, funny. in practice, horrifying.]
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